Getting Started - Faculty - Buying IT Assets

Buying IT Assets

Purchasing IT equipment and related resources can be a daunting process.  The required approvals, vendors, contracts, standards compliance  and processes can be quite involved.  Fortunately UMKC Information Services and UM Supply Chain work closely together to assist faculty in getting the products and services they need for their teaching, research and service missions. 


  • Buying IT Hardware and Software
    A core responsibility of UMKC Information Services is to find cost-effective ways for faculty and staff to get the technology equipment, software and services they need to be successful in their roles at UMKC.
    • IS offers purchasing services and expertise such as product consultation, vendor contracts, volume agreements, campus standards, policy compliance, approval facilitation and purchase/delivery processing.
    • ALL IT and telecommunication products, software and services must be purchased through Information Services and/or require CIO approval.
    • For more information on current policies, please consult the UMKC IT Purchasing Policy.  Note this policy is derived from the University of Missouri System Policies, paritudclarly Section 12004 of the Business Policy Manual.
    • For practical guidelines to campus standards, prodcut selection and currently available pricing, check out the Software Resources and IT Hardware sites. 

    Visiting the UMKC Bookstore
    RooTech at the UMKC Bookstore has a nice variety of technology items at attractive pricing.  This is a great alternative for personal pruchases, but any UMKC equipment or software does need to come through Information Services for vetting,  approval and purchase.

  • Learning about UM Supply Chain
    Faculty with many and varied equipment needs may find it advisable to learn more of the technical details surrounding UMKC procurement practices and policies.