Getting Started - Faculty - Software Request Process

Software Request Process for Instructional Labs and Classrooms

Information Services (IS) maintains many types of instructional computing facilities and ILE classrooms that allow faculty to exploit technology in their teaching.  As UMKC faculty, you may have a need for a specific piece of software to be made available in these facilities.  If so, please follow the notices and steps given below to ensure a successful integration of these components into the exiting environment.

 software requests

  • Before you begin, please note the following:
    • Requests for all software changes must be submitted well in advance of the semester for which they are needed. Information Services works with the IT Ops Committees at each Academic unit in the Spring to discuss any changes for the following school year. We ask that any new software requests or updates are submitted by June 1st. This lead time is necessary to allow for procurement, packaging, and testing of any new software.
    • Last minute requests are considered on a case by case basis. In those situations, no guarantee can be made that the software will be ready by the time desired.
    • For as long as software is needed in labs or ILE classrooms, departments are expected to fund annual maintenance fees and keep the software current.

  • Software Request Process
    • Step 1 - Discuss software teaching needs with your departmental chair and colleagues. Review lab/classroom software to see what’s available
    • Step 2 - If new software is required for departmental or general-use labs/classrooms, seek departmental approvals and funding from your IT Ops Committee or departmental chair. When approved, the departmental chair, IT Opcs Committee member, IT liaison or fiscal officer should complete and submit the online software request form and/or discuss these changes at regular IT Ops Committee meetings. 
    • Step 3 - Information Services will investigate the software for compatibility, obtain necessary approvals as required, and purchase software.
    • Step 4 - Information Services will work with the IT Ops Committee on deployment timelines.

  • Need assistance?
    If you have questions regarding new or existing software, licensing costs, educational discounts, etc., contact the IS software analyst at 816-235-2220 or email Additional information is available here.