Getting Started - Faculty - Networked Storage

Networked Storage for Faculty

Safe Computing

UMKC Information Services offers a reliable, robust and redundant storage area network for faculty and workgroups to store files.  The files are physically and logically secured to limit access as required.  Additionally, these storage locations are backed up on a regular basis to aid in cases of where recovery scenarios must be placed into action.

There are three primary areas for file storage:

  • Workgroup file sharing

  • Schools, departments and interdisciplinary workgroups are given 200GB of storage space in UMKC's Distributed File System.  Windows computers will access this location as part of the N: drive where a workgroup's logical location is accessed as N:\Groups\WorkgroupName.  Note the N: drive is mapped automatically for all domain-joined Windows computers at UMKC.

  • Personal file storage
    Faculty are given a small amount of private disk space on the network (300MB) to use use that is exclusively secured for their access only.   This space is known as the Q: drive and is mapped automatically each time upon logon to a Windows computer.

  • Personal web storage

  • Faculty are granted 120MB of disk space to design their own personal website to share with students and colleagues.  Access instructions can be found on the Web Pages Support site.

Note:  Macintosh computers may also access these storage location.  Check out more detailed instructions for more information.  These three areas are found in the \Groups, \Home and \Web folders, respectively.

If you need a new workgroup created, specialized disk storage needs or wish to increase the storage quota assigned to your workgroup share, please contact the UMKC IS Technology Support Center at 916.235.2000 or