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Teaching Resources

UMKC offers numerous options and opportunities for the use of instructional technology in the conduct of teaching and learning.

Instructional Technology

  • Classroom Technology
    Learn how to access a wealth of classroom technology resources on campus.
    • Audio and Video Support is available for your classroom A/V needs.
    • Ideal Learning Environment (ILE) classrooms are equipped with computers and A/V projection equipment. You can request training anytime to learn more about using these resources.
    • Clickers add interactivity to your classroom. With the receiver and response pads, you can give short quizzes, take attendance, play learning games, instantly assess students' comprehension of your lecture, and more.

  • Course Management
    UMKC hosts several online course management solutions to make it easier to communicate and to share digital content with your students.
    • Canvas is a new learning management system, replacing Blackboard, that will be used with all classes at UMKC by Fall 2019. Learn more about Canvas at our Canvas support site.
    • Panopto is a lecture-capture platform that provides the ability to combine audio, video, PowerPoint/Keynote, and screen capture into one recording. Panopto can be used in ILE classrooms on the UMKC campus, or from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device where the Panopto software is installed.
    • Zoom is the recommended web-conferencing tool for UMKC Canvas courses.
    • Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys. It is the University preferred survey solution.
    • RedCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases.
    • Respondus is a program that acts as a translator between Blackboard and word processing documents and text files. It allows tests that are created in a document to be uploaded to Blackboard. It also allows instructors to download and/or print tests that currently exist in Blackboard.
    • SharePoint is a web based collaboration tool used to share information with others, manage documents, and reduce email clutter.
    • UMKC Instructional Design and Technology (ID/T) helps you improve your digital pedagogy. Whether you’re new to Blackboard or are an experienced online instructor, you’ll find new strategies and technologies to improve your teaching. View the Training & Workshop Calendar to register for training, certification courses, and the one-week intensive boot camp.
    • WordPress - UMKC hosts its own instance of this popular blog hosting platform to support teaching, research, and student organizations.