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Computer Labs and Printing

Computer Labs and PrintingComputer Labs
Numerous computer labs are located across the UMKC campus. Information Services (IS) provides computer resources to all UMKC students with a valid SSO and password.


Printers are available throughout campus. Color printers are available in select locations. Students are allocated a print quota at the beginning of each semester.


Roo Bucks is a secure and convenient stored-value account that can be used for printing beyond the allocated print quota.


Web Printing
The Web Print service enables printing to select UMKC IS Labs printers from any personal device.


Remote Labs & RooLabs Online
Students can access University software applications from your personal computer on campus or at home. Remote Labs are available at no charge, 24 hours a day. Available software includes Adobe Creative Suite, Mathematica, SAS, and more.


Network File Storage
UMKC provides network file storage space for each student, which can be accessed on student computer labs and off campus.