Information Access

UMKC Information Services Information Access

Connection Information

Internet Address:
NOTE: You must have FileMaker Pro installed on your machine in order to connect to this FileMaker Server


How to Use FileMaker Pro

  1. Select Open an existing file and click OK

  2. Click Remote… then click Add…

  3. In the Host’s Internet Address: field, enter For Favorite Host’s Name:, enter KC-ISIA-FMP01, and click Save

  4. In the Hosts window select KC-ISIA-FMP01 ( to see the list of databases you have access to. If prompted for Account Name and password, enter your SSO (i.e. smithj) and your Windows password (i.e. the password you use to login to your computer).

  5. Select the database you have access to and click Open

Filemaker FAQ

What version of FileMaker Server does UMKC have?
    FileMaker Advanced Server
My department decided that we should use FileMaker for a project. I now have a brand new installation of FileMaker Pro on my computer. How do I create the database and forms for this project?
    There are many options available in FileMaker Pro to store the data for your project and also to display it. Help can be obtained by contacting the UMKC Technology Support Center.
How do I upload the database that I created in FileMaker Pro to the server so that others in my department can view and edit it and also make sure that it is backed up regularly?
    Create a Technology Support Center ticket for this and a member of the Information Access team will assist you and others in your department with uploading your database to the server and then connecting to it remotely and securely from your computer.
How do I connect to my FileMaker database which is being hosted on the server?
    Connecting from FileMaker Pro on your desktop computer: