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Port: 3306
Version: 5.0

Port: 3306
Version: 5.0



What is a MySQL database
    Oracle Corporation is the software provider of the MySQL Relational Database Management System (RDMBS). It is a very robust and solid option for storing and accessing data. Here at UMKC we have many RDBMS solutions including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and FileMaker also available.
What version of MySQL does UMKC have installed
    We have a few servers with version 5.1 installed which are freely available for University related use.
We have a project which requires one or more database(s). Is a MySQL database the best option for what we need
    There are many reasons why a given project will be best served by, or might require a MySQL database. If the project is very small in scope and/or does not require any data transfer or reporting of data which resides on other databases, then MySQL may be the best option. A big reason to use MySQL is that it is a small, yet powerful database which is very well suited for WordPress or other applications which are used through a web page. It is best to contact the Information Systems (IS) department so that we can discuss your project in detail and determine the best option together. We may even suggest that another database option might be better suited to the needs of your project.
We have determined that our department has a need for a MySQL database. Who do I contact for that We received an email about our new MySQL database. What do I do now
    You probably received information that you are now able to access a certain MySQL database using a username and password. If you are working with a third party software vendor, then they will need the credentials of this account so that they can create the database objects that their software will need. Otherwise, contact the IS department or whoever you are working on the project with for the next steps.
We need help creating the database tables and/or bringing data into our new database. How do we get help with that
    You can reach out to your IS contact who has been working on the project with you, or submit a request to the call center and they will put you in contact with someone on our team who can help.