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Scan Sheets

    Use the appropriate scan sheets. Most departments use the scan sheets sold by Computing Services for their course evaluations; however, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, and the Law School each use course evaluation sheets specific to their school, and instructors in these areas should contact their department's administrative assistant to find out how to procure the correct forms.

Prepare a cover sheet for each section of the course

    The "Name" field should be filled out as follows:
    • the letters "ZZ"
    • followed by a code indicating the semester -- "F" (Fall), "W" (Winter), or "S" (Summer)
    • followed by the first four letters of the department name, and
    • finally the instructor's first initial and last name.

    For example, the cover sheet name field for a fall semester English class taught by Dr. Jane Smith, would use "ZZFENGLJSMITH" ("ZZ"+"F"+"ENGL"+"JSMITH").

    The "Identification" field should contain the five-digit course number listed in the semester's course schedule.

        For example, English 299, offered Fall semester 1998, had an identification number of "18790".

Administer the evaluations properly

  • Allow sufficient time for students to complete the course evaluations. It is recommended that you begin at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the class period.
  • Instructors may not be present in the room during the completion and collection of course evaluations. Instructors should nominate a student proctor to distribute and collect the evaluation forms.
  • Students should be instructed to complete the form with a #2 lead pencil.
  • Students should leave the "name" field of the form blank, but may be instructed to put the 5-digit course number in the "identification" field if the administering department desires this information for their own record keeping.
  • The student proctor should be instructed to align all evaluation forms and place them in a sealed envelope with the cover sheet. These should be delivered directly to the department's administrative assistant.