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What is SharePoint?

A collaboration tool for enhancing the efforts to share and organize information among various individuals and team members. SharePoint can be customized to fit the needs of the team or organization. Various site templates are available for use, including team site and basic meeting templates.

SharePoint site users easily and quickly share information with others, manage documents, and reduce email clutter. If you have UMKC team projects, research, committees etc. and want to share data in a secure environment then SharePoint is the way to go. It cuts down the email clutter of letting your team members know about changes in the project. It automatically tracks changes by all users and sends email generated by SharePoint site. If you have several documents and are overwhelmed by versions then let SharePoint handle this for you. It automatically tracks all versions, and keeps a list of modified documents for all versions. SharePoint sites are password protected so only team members can access the site. The site is internet based so there is no need for downloading any software. Some of the many features SharePoint offers are discussed below:

  • Shared Documents: a web based repository for keeping your documents securely.
  • Check in and out feature: documents can be checked out for editing. While the document is checked out, it is only available as read only to the rest of the team. Once the document is checked in, it can be check out by the next person in the team. This cuts down on the number of emails going back and forth for any document editing.
  • Organize/upload: Create folders to organize files. Upload can be an individual file or multiple files at once.
  • Versions: Users can set up the version feature where multiple versions of the document can be tracked. Each version also creates a comment area [if users want to comment, otherwise leave it blank].
  • Alerts: set up alerts to customize your needs. Any change on the document library triggers an alert and a system generated email goes to your Inbox. This eliminates the need to check the web site frequently. Users set up the alerts not the system.
  • RSS Feed: Users can see any changes by clicking on the feed.
  • Calendar: it is like MS-Outlook. You can create, edit and schedule meetings.
  • Tasks: Users can assign tasks to the team or an individual person. It has built in priority levels from low to high.
  • Recycle bin: any accidental document deletion can be retrieved from the recycle bin.
  • Contacts: easily find your team member information.
  • Team Discussion: create an online-threaded discussion with your team.
  • Search: search all of your site content easily and efficiently.

How to Check out a Document in a SharePoint Workspace


  1. Click the Document Library that you want in the Content Pane of the workspace.
  2. Select one or more documents to check out.
  3. On the Home tab, in the SharePoint group, click Check Out.

My Learn SharePoint 2010 training

SharePoint users can access training material from: MyLearn SharePoint 2010 training. Please open this PDF to navigate to that training material. UM has added training material for power users. Please note: sessions can take few hours to complete.

For More Information

More information about how to use SharePoint can be found in the UMKC Knowledgebase. Search for SharePoint, or ask a question about how to use SharePoint.