About Information Services

Information Services provides faculty, staff and students with state-of-the-art information technology by offering a wide range of computing, multimedia, telecommunications systems and networking facilities. In support of the University's goal to provide quality instruction, Information Services provides tools to enable learning, discovery, research, service and innovation.

Contact Information

Chief Information Officer: Dr. Mary Lou Fritts

216 Administrative Center

Associate CIO: Andy Goodenow

302 Fine Arts

IS Call Center (816) 235-2000
Campus Operator (816) 235-1000
Campus Information (816) 235-5555
IS Administration (816) 235-1481
Fax: (816) 235-2622

Mailing Address

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Information Services
Administrative Center Room 216

5115 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

Data Warehousing & Reporting

(816) 235-1435
Manager: Andrew Draker

The Data Warehouse provides the campus centralized source for campus data for both internal and external reporting needs. Working with campus departments, the Data Warehouse can transform raw data into valuable information to guide strategic decision making. 

Working in partnership with the Office of Intuitional Research, the UMKC Data Warehouse provides a number of interactive tools such as:

  • UMKC Dashboard
  • Department Profile
  • Request Data Online

Foundation Services

(816) 235-2000
Manager: Frank Magrone

Foundation Services provides secure, professionally managed data centers to meet the growing information technology (IT) needs of academic and administrative units at UMKC.

Services include:
  • Physical and virtual server hosting and administration
  • Backup and restore services
  • Storage hosting and administration
  • Web and application hosting
  • Active Directory infrastructure management
  • Tier 2 Exchange and Live Mail support
  • Server-hosted application support
  • Research and high performance computing
  • Systems monitoring

Research Computing

Information Services offers a number of services related to research computing.
  • CPUs. Contact Foundation Services (Frank Magrone,
  • Storage. Contact Foundation Services (Frank Magrone, UMKC has a number of storage solutions (light, dark, dim) designed to fit different production and archive solutions.
  • Linux hosting. Contact Foundation Services (Frank Magrone,
  • Need access to the UM System computing clusters (Lewis and Clark)
  • Need assistance with XSEDE,, please contact Paul Rulis,
  • Searching for custom programming or assistance with submitting data to different systems, please contact Andy Goodenow,
  • Are you applying for a grant and need hardware/software? Contact Frank Magrone, or Andy Goodenow, and see what options are currently available in the UMKC's data center or management of hardware to free up research time. Investigate buying into UMKC's virtual environment with dedicated CPUs and burst availability for shared CPUs.
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Information Access

(816) 235-2368

Leadership: Andy Goodenow (Associate CIO)

The roles and responsibilities of UMKC's Information Access Division are broad and extensive. Their mission is to provide service levels that exceed users' expectations.


The structure of the Information Access Division includes the following departments.

Academic Enhancement (AE)

While the use of technology in education is increasing, it can sometimes seem intimidating to implement. Both online and classroom courses are greatly enhanced by the use of visuals and technology plays a vital role in presenting ideas and examples to the learner. Academic Enhancement - a department within Information Access - is a valuable resource that is free to UMKC faculty members. Academic Enhancement currently offers a variety of services to facilitate the learning and teaching experience through technology.

Free services provided by Academic Enhancement include:

  • Video Production
  • Computer Animation
  • Audio/Video Conversions
  • Supplementation of PowerPoint Presentations


To learn more about how technology can be incorporated into your on-line, and classroom curriculum, contact Academic Enhancement by calling 816.235.1094, or emailing You may also stop by and see us in person at 302a in the Fine Arts Building.

Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

(816) 235-6700

Instructional Technology Services (ITS) manages and develops online learning and distance education delivery systems. Services include:
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Media conversion for online learning objects
  • Course site design consultation
ITS will research and test courseware tool solutions for faculty online teaching needs.
Supported systems include:
  • Blackboard
  • Wimba
  • WebEx
  • SharePoint
  • ListServ
  • MoCat
  • Respondus
  • TurningPoint
  • LockDown Browser
  • ePortfolio
  • Tegrity (podcasting)
  • Campus Pack (blogs, wikis, journals, podcasts, and social media)

Free training to individuals or small groups is provided for all supported systems and applications.

Internal Applications

(816) 235-2000
Associate Director: Vishal Kurup

Internal Applications provides standards driven application development & management at no-cost/highly discounted rates to UMKC constituents.

Services include:
  • Custom application programming
  • Portal development
  • E-commerce application development
  • Online surveys, email campaigns and forms
  • Mobile application development for the iOS and Android platforms
  • Mobile website development
  • Migration and manipulation of data from legacy systems, Peoplesoft Finance, HR and Student.
  • Exam and Evaluation scanning and report generation

IT Security & Research

(816) 235-5294

Information Security Officer: Justin D. Malyn

The UMKC Information Services Security and Research group is responsible for providing security expertise and resources necessary to protect the University's information assets and technology resources. 

Services include:

  • Campus network security device management
  • Campus-wide Antivirus management
  • Incident management for reported security incidents
  • Proactive vulnerability scanning
  • Network security policy management
  • R&D for computer and security related products

Networking & Telecommunications

(816) 235-2000 Help
(816) 235-1000 Operator Service

Director: David Johnston

Networking & Telecommunications maintains all communication services; equipment and cable plant for all University owned or leases buildings and offices. Internet and Internet2 access via MOREnet is available on campus to all students, faculty and staff. All University-owned computers on campus are attached to a high-performance network that is connected to high-speed Internet and Internet2 links. Wireless data access is available in every University building including student study/lounge areas. Campus, elevator and emergency phones are provided for use by the campus community. Networking & Telecommunications also maintain the voice mail system; monitor landline business services, including long distance; coordinate teleconferencing services; and takes care of all network and telecommunication vendors, user support and billing issues related to these services.

Services include:

  • Campus phones or phone service
  • Conference phones or conference call setup
  • Network/Data jacks install/repair/activate
  • Voice mail add/change/passwords

Operations and Administration

(816) 235-1481

Administrative Manager: Katey Mairs

Operations & Administration processes all Human Resource, Accounting, Procurement, and Payroll functions for all departments in Information Services.

Support Services

(816) 235-2000

Director: Marilyn Reisenbichler

Support Services provides numerous technology services for the UMKC campus community. The Call Center (computer helpdesk) is the starting point for technology related questions and problems. Technicians triage customer requests and escalate for assessment and resolution across Information Services and Information Access.  Desktop Support provides direct support for approximately 3000 computers and indirect support for many more. Departments supported include most of the administrative and business offices, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Computing and Engineering, the Conservatory of Music and Dance, the School of Education, and many of the Student Affairs offices.   All general-use student computing labs, ILE classroom computers and many of the computers located in departmental labs are supported by Desktop Support.  Some academic units hire dedicated technical staff or IT Liaisons who provide desktop support for their department.

Support Services also provides hardware, software, mobile device and cell phone consultation and procurement services.  Each year, hundreds of computers are replaced through the Provost' annual workstation replacement program, which supplies the life-cycle funding for many faculty and staff computers. The Lab Management Office within Support Services manages the student staffing and numerous computing labs on the UMKC campus.

Technology Management Services

(816) 235-5859

Director: Justin Guggenmos

Technology Management Services provides IT/AV project management services for campus construction and renovation projects, management services for distance education programs, and management services for technology enhanced campus environments.

The structure of the Technology Management Services department includes the following departments.

Classroom Technology Services

(816) 235-5586
Manager: Bruce Waggoner

Classroom Technology Services enables academic excellence by developing, implementing, and maintaining environments that empower teaching and learning for the faculty and students at UMKC.
Services Include:

  • ILE Classroom installation, maintenance and support
  • AV support for Administrative Center Conference Center
  • AV systems design, consultation, R&D, and installation
  • AV support & maintenance agreements
  • Certified AMX and Crestron programming
  • AV equipment check-out service
  • Digital Signage maintenance and support
  • TelePresence systems maintenance and support
  • Special event audio visual support

Video Services

(816) 235-5586
Manager: Ben Zygmunt

Video Services provides professional operation, maintenance and user support for distance learning, video conferencing, Health Sciences classrooms and special events at UMKC.
Services Include:

  • Scheduling, operation and technical support for distance education classrooms
  • Front line support for Health Sciences classrooms
  • Videoconferencing system scheduling ,technical support, and custodianship
  • Content/System maintenance for Time Warner and Comcast cable channels KCEN, and KHEN
  • Video Production (academic and administrative)
  • Video Streaming and Event Coverage (academic and administrative)
  • Media Duplication and Transfers (academic and administrative)
  • Video/Audio Encoding and Ripping (academic and administrative)