Turning Point Clickers

Important Notices Regarding Clicker Devices Sold in the Bookstores

  1. The bookstores are now caring the new QT clicker devices, which have a new look and come with a complimentary 1-year ResponseWare license. Students who already have a clicker DO NOT have to buy the new ones. Both models are compatible with current software.
  2. The bookstores also carry the 1-year ResponseWare scratch cards. Students who wish to use ResponseWare with their smartphones can purchase the cards and $19.99 rebate by mail from TurningTechnologies.


UMKC has standardized on devices and software from Turning Technologies. Turning Technologies can be used in conjunction with Blackboard to create a complete interactive teaching and learning experience.

Instructions and FAQs

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What are Clickers?

Clickers are the wireless devices used in Classroom Response Systems (also called Student Response Systems, or Audience Response Systems). In a clicker system, each student uses a device to respond to the instructor's questions posted in a PowerPoint presentation or specialized polling sessions. Through these interactive question-and-answer sessions, instructors can engage students in course materials by providing instant visual feedbacks. It also allows instructors to collect individual responses, generate statistics, gauge student comprehension, and upload grades to Blackboard courses.

UMKC students have two device options depending on instructors' requirements, either the NXT handheld Clickers or a mobile devices.

This small handheld device has a T9 interface much like the style used for cell phone texting. This is beneficial for fill in the blank, short answer, and essay responses. Immediately after responding to a question, the user is able to see if their response was received via the NXT's LCD screen. NXT Clickers can be used with all Turning Technologies software.
RESPONSWARE (Mobile Learning)
ResponseWare is a web-based polling application that lets students use smart phones, laptops and other Internet-connected devices to respond in real-time to interactive polling questions. Results are immediately transferred through data plans to the Instructor's response software. Instructors can ask not only multiple choice, but also alphanumeric, multiple response, short answer and essay questions.

Why Clickers?

The use of Clickers in the classroom has been shown to increase student attention and interest and to increase retention of information presented in lectures.

Using clickers to pose questions that require synthesis of information, such as asking for an opinion on a complex social or ethical issue, promotes critical thinking and helps make learning personal. Additionally, Faculty have used Clickers to:

  • Save time by substituting for a paper test or quiz.
  • Save time when taking attendance.
  • Poll the class to check understanding of last night's homework with a question(s) over the key concepts.
  • Ask "muddiest point" questions.
  • Gain instant feedback on student understanding.
  • Have students grade peer presentations.
  • Facilitate debate sessions.