Clicker Support for Instructors

Important Notices Regarding Clicker Devices Sold in the Bookstores

  1. The bookstores are now caring the new QT clicker devices, which have a new look and come with a complimentary 1-year ResponseWare license. Students who already have a clicker DO NOT have to buy the new ones. Both models are compatible with current software.
  2. The bookstores also carry the 1-year ResponseWare scratch cards. Students who wish to use ResponseWare with their smartphones can purchase the cards and $19.99 rebate by mail from TurningTechnologies.

Clicker Support for Instructors

Instruction: Tutorials and user guides for Turning Technologies software.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions and tips for instructors.

Resources: Knowledge base, training documents, self-paced training request and other Clicker related web resources.

TurningPoint 5 integrates the following polling methods into one user interface.

Download TurningPoint 5 (Click TurningPoint 5 under Polling Software to expend the menu.
Quick Start Guide of TP5 or read more specific instructions of each method below.
Instructor-Led Online Classes
Self-Paced Training
Contact  Tech Support or call 866-746-3015

Blackboard & TurningPoint

The integration with Blackboard allows for Turning Technologies users to leverage response devices in class to easily collect student achievement data. Very simply one can import from Blackboard a participant list of students into TurningPoint and then export assessment data into Blackboard.

Instructor Guide (Bb Server Address: )
Navigating student registrations
Tutorial Video

PowerPoint Polling

Through its easy integration with Microsoft Office, TurningPoint enables you to transform your lectures into powerful interactive PowerPoint presentations that create dynamic two-way experiences. With this simple PowerPoint Plug-in, you can conduct real-time audience assessments and gather, rank and communicate critical information all from within Microsoft PowerPoint. Top

New Users Guide PC
New Users Guide Mac
Comprehensive Users Guide PC
Comprehensive Users Guide Mac
Result Manager
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AnyWhere Polling

With AnyWhere Polling you can easily poll outside of PowerPoint - in ANY application. Using a floating toolbar, you can poll from whiteboard software, web browsers, PDFs, Word documents, Excel, and more - you choose. Use your existing presentation or lecture materials. Assessment and tracking for groups or individuals is also easily accomplished with a powerful reporting engine. Top

New User Quick Poll
Question List
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Self-Paced Polling

TurningKey allows instructors to create and deliver new or existing assessments with clickers. Instructors create an answer key for the assessment. The assessment can be distributed in traditional paper-based format (including variations on the assessment to prevent cheating). Students answer the questions using the Handheld NXT RooClicker that gives the student instant feedback on their answers. Mobile Learning (ResponseWare) does not work with TurningKey. Top

Users Guide
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ResponseWare (Mobile Devices)

RWMobile Learning (ResponseWare) replaces traditional student clickers with web-enabled devices such as iPhones and BlackBerry smart phones. Connect with your students using the technology they use most. Top

  1. Instructor Registration: Contact to establish your account.
  2. Students create Turning Accounts and purchase ResponseWare License on Contact for the school code.

Quick Start Guide
Comprehensive Guide for Presenters

Should I use Clickers in my class?
What preparation is necessary?
How do students buy Clickers?
How to allow students to use ResponsWare?
Can I also have a NXT Clicker?
What if a student lost their Clicker?
Can Clickers be used in any classroom?
Is there an NXT Clicker set I can borrow?
Can I modify a saved session?
Do I need to download the participant list before polling?
FERPA Compliance
Academic Honesty

Should I use Clickers in my class?
Deciding to use Clickers within the classroom environment should be made only after thoughtful consideration of the learning goals you want to achieve. Clickers are very effective if your goals are to:

  • Increase student attention and interactivity during a lecture.
  • Allow students to check their comprehension of the lecture objectives and discipline-specific concepts or to check understanding of assigned homework.
  • Make adjustments to lecture material based on the outcomes of polling tests (reinforces a pattern of inquiry, learning, and assessment).
  • Reinforce student preparation for class (reading and homework assignments).
  • Track attendance (particularly useful in large class sections). This should NOT be the only use, however.

Best practices involve:

  • Measurements of students' conceptual knowledge before and after content delivery.
  • Helping students confront misconceptions.
  • Adjustment of the quantity of instructors' daily lecture content based on student responses.
  • Providing explanations of the right answers or why a certain answer was wrong directly after a polling test.
  • Concept questions or questions that require methodical thinking (NOT regurgitation of definitions or simple memory tests).
  • Allowance for peer teaching and assessment of the impact.


What preparation is necessary?
The decision to use clickers should be made at least one semester before classroom implementation. This will give you time for training, content preparation, content revision, trail runs, policy development, syllabus preparation, software installation, clicker orders, and classroom equipment preparation

  • First step: Decide if you will use NXT Clickers ONLY, Mobile Learning (ResponseWare) where students use their laptop or other smart device, or allow either to be used.
  • Second step: Contact You will be requested to provide information that includes the course name, number of sections, number of students and the classroom number to be sure that the ILE room your class will be held in is set up properly for you and your students.
    If you are going to use Mobile Learning (ResponseWare),ask us to set up a ResponseWare account so that you will be able to log in and get the session number for your course.
  • Step Three: Order the NXT Clickers needed for your students from the Bookstore just as you do for textbooks.

Remember that Mobile Learning (ResponseWare) can be used along with NXT Clickers so students that have already purchased NXT Clickers will be able to use them in your class.


How do students buy Clickers?
Individual student can purchase the devices from the university bookstores.


How to allow students to use ResponseWare?
1) Students must purchase a license online through Turning Technologies using the school code given to you when you had your ResponseWare account established. Contact if you don't have an account yet.

2) Students have the option of either:

  • using a web browser-based ResponseWare interface on laptops (,
  • or downloading and installing one of the ResponseWare applications available for iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry Smartphone devices.

3) Students will be given a device ID after purchasing the license. They must register the device ID through Blackboard, the same way as the NXT handheld Clickers.


Can I also have a Clicker?
Yes. Once you have adopted Turning Technologies in your class, the vendor will provide an instructor kit for you to keep. The kit contains both the receiver and the clicker, so you can use the devices at home or in the office.


What if a student lost their Clicker?
The student will have to purchase another device from the Bookstore and  register the replacement in Blackboard. Once the student has registered the new Clciker, you can generate a new class list that will recognize the replacement device.


Can Clickers be used in any classroom?
No, only some ILE classrooms can be used. Both hardware (the receiver) and software have to be installed in the ILE classrooms to enable the technology. A unique channel number is assigned to each room for students to connect to the receiver, and to prevent interference if a near by classroom is also equipped with an receiver.

There are currently more than 50 ILE classrooms that are clicker-ready. Visit the CTS website for the locations and other information of ILE classrooms, and contact or (816)235-6700 to find out of your ILE room is installed with the technology.


Is there an NXT Clicker set I can borrow?
Yes. If you would like to use the Clickers for special events or one time usage, you may rent a NXT Clicker set from ITS. There are two sets available, each contains user instructions, one USB receiver and 30 Clickers. Please contact for specific information such as rental charges.


Can I modify a saved session?
Yes. To modify a saved session:

  1. Open TurningPoint
  2. Select Tools -> Session Management ->Edit Session
  3. Select your session.

From this point, you can omit questions, change answers, and change point values. You may want to save the edited session as a different filename just in case.


Do I need to download the participant list before polling?
You don't have to open a participant list when polling. As long as the session result is saved, you may open the result later on any computer and attach a participant list with it.


FERPA Compliance
With 100% compliancy with FERPA, sensitive student records received through Blackboard are both safe and secure.

  • Students register their clickers in Blackboard.
  • Faculty can easily download class rosters and load participant lists to track student learning during sessions.
  • Easily upload session data and scores into the Blackboard grade book.
  • Communicate interactive session results to students via email reports


Academic Honesty
It is advisable to add a statement about Academic Honesty to your syllabus to help prevent students from using other student's Clickers or Mobile Learning device for responses. Here are some websites that may be helpful:

Here is a sample statement you may use in your syllabus, This Academic Honesty policy also applies to the use of Clickers in the classroom and Mobile Learning devices:

Academic Honesty: It is the philosophy of the University of Missouri Kansas City that academic dishonesty is a completely unacceptable mode of conduct and will not be tolerated in any form. All persons involved in academic dishonesty will be disciplined in accordance with University regulations and procedures. Discipline may include suspension or expulsion from the University.

You may want to emphasize the following in the first class or in your syllabus:

  • If students have to replace a lost, stolen or damaged Clicker during the semester it is their responsibility to inform you of the new Clicker ID so you can update your Participant List.
  • Protect Clickers from Damage--Common causes of damage include: heavy textbooks in a book bag, excessive heat or moisture, strong magnetic fields (such as the security tag deactivators at checkout counters).