Jabber at UMKC - FAQ

Can I import my contacts from Outlook or Skype?

At this time there is no way to import your contacts into Jabber. We are currently looking at options to enable this functionality.

Can I use Jabber with my UMKC phone queue or with multiple lines?

Not at this time, but it is on the Cisco Roadmap. Jabber only supports one phone line at this time, but you may use Jabber IM/presence on a personal line, if available.

How do I listen to my voicemail via my Cisco Jabber client?

The red number under the voicemail icon on the pull down menu at the top of your screen will denote the number of new voicemail messages. Double clicking the voicemail message that you want to hear will play that voicemail. You can also choose to use the “Call voicemail” icon at the bottom of the screen to dial voicemail directly. Listening to voicemail messages via the Cisco Jabber client will extinguish the red message waiting light on your desk phone. Voicemail messages can be deleted via the client by highlighting the message you wish to delete and pressing the delete key on the keyboard. You can also mark a voicemail as unread by right clicking and choosing “Mark as Unread”. Doing this will relight the message waiting light on your desk phone.

How do I access my phone call log in the Cisco Jabber client?

You can access your phone call logs by clicking the “Recent” icon along the left side of your Cisco Jabber client window. The “Recent” icon is the middle icon along the blue bar on the left side of the client. This window shows both incoming and outgoing calls (designated by the icon on the right side of the line). Missed calls will show in red. Double clicking an entry in the call log will return the call. Right clicking on a line will give you the option to call the person back, chat with them, or delete the call from your log.

What happens if my computer is turned off or locked?

Jabber requires that your computer to be turned on and signed in to work properly. If your computer is turned off you will not receive any phone calls on your softphone nor will you receive any instant messages. If your computer is locked you will continue to receive phone calls and instant messages but you must unlock your computer to view them.

Can I connect to users at other universities via Jabber?

A future phase will allow you to connect to other universities.

Can students use Jabber?

Students will be able to use the IM features of Jabber to chat with Faculty and Staff via their Microsoft O365 account. Student workers will also have access to Jabber IM on their office computers. Students will not have access to the voice features of Jabber

What is the difference between Jabber and WebEx?

WebEx is designed as a web conferencing tool and supports a large number of participants. Cisco Jabber is a tool that allows for instant messaging and softphone capabilities.

What is a softphone?

A piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer.

Can I use Jabber on multiple computers?

Yes! You can have Jabber installed on as many computers as you’d like. When you open Jabber on a different computer you will get prompted to assign that computer to take phone calls. If you would like office phone calls to be redirected to your current computer just select ‘Yes’.

Jabber wants me to set my location, what’s that?

Your Jabber location is used for emergency location identification.

Can I place an emergency call from Cisco Jabber Voice?

When you dial an emergency number, such as 911, from a mobile device Cisco Jabber Voice invokes the native phone application to make the call over your mobile network. When you dial an emergency number from a Cisco Jabber computer client the call is placed through the UMKC Police Department.

Can I use Jabber from off campus?

Yes, however video and audio quality is dependent on your remote internet connection quality and cannot be guaranteed.

Can I use Jabber while not on WiFi?

Yes, you can use Jabber on your cellular data connection. Video and audio quality is dependent on your cellular connection quality and cannot be guaranteed. You are responsible for any costs incurred using Jabber on a personal cellular device.

How can I tell if my softphone is connected?

If you see , your softphone is not connected and will not receive calls. To connect Jabber to your phone select the phone icon in the bottom left and click "Use my computer for calls".

Can I use Jabber on my cell phone?

You can use Jabber on iPhone and most Android phones. Unfortunately, there is not a Jabber client for Windows or Blackberry phones.