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As part of our commitment to students, Information Services (IS) provides computer resources to all currently enrolled, fee-paying UMKC students.  These resources include but are not limited to:

  • Lab computers running Windows 10
  • File storage space
  • Adaptive equipment (for persons with visual disabilities or wheelchair access needs)

Most labs also have a digital scanner. Please take a look below for information and support concerning our student computing environment.

Many IS labs are open for student use at this time. Per UMKC and KCMO Policy, everyone must wear masks/face coverings in the labs at all times. For more information, please visit the UMKC Coronavirus page.

Lab equipment is wiped down at the beginning of each opening shift and deep cleaned regularly. We encourage you to ask for a cleaning wipe to use on the lab keyboard and mouse you will be using before you begin. If you need assistance from the Student Assistant, please make sure to maintain 6 feet of distance at all times. When entering and exiting the labs, we recommend that you use the hand sanitizer units placed throughout the buildings or wash your hands thoroughly.

To provide students with flexibility in meeting their printing needs, students receive their entire student print quota of 850 black and white pages at the start of each semester. This will be displayed in the PaperCut print management system as $42.50 for printing at $0.04 per duplex page and $.05 per single-sided page. Note that the discounted rate of $.04 per side of duplex printing only applies to eligible pages. If your document has a page that is blank on one side, it will use the regular amount of $.05 of print quota for that page. All printers in IS-managed labs default to duplex printing and you will need to manually select single-sided printing if desired. Students who enroll after the start of the semester will receive their print quota within 48 hours of enrollment.

Students can check their print quota usage in any of the IS student computer labs by using the "Details" link in the PaperCut print management system. Students will continue to have the option to print beyond their print quotas by simply adding funds to their RooBucks account.

Quotas will be refreshed each Spring, Summer, and Fall. Here is the upcoming print quota allotment schedule (subject to change):
  • Spring 2022: December 20, 2021
  • Summer 2022: May 20, 2022
  • Fall 2022: August 19, 2022
  • Spring 2023: December 19, 2022

General Lab Information

Lab Hours & Locations - Lab hours and locations for IS-managed labs.
Lab Software - Information concerning the availability of software in the labs.
RooLabs Online - Remote Access to student computing labs.
Employment - Information on student employment in IS-managed labs.
Lab Policies - General Lab usage policies.
Adaptive Equipment - Many of the IS-managed labs provide adaptive equipment.
Check Print Quota - Check your lab print quota (login required & must be on UMKC network to access).
Reserving Labs - The Health Sciences Building room 3304 computer lab may be reserved by UMKC faculty or staff for classroom use.

Lab Support Topics

Lab FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
Reporting Problems - Cherwell Service Management Portal.

Other Computer Labs

Departmental Computer Labs - Departmental Computer labs are restricted access sites that can only be used by students enrolled in the corresponding department or school.
Remote Labs - The UMKC Remote Labs are a collection of lab computers that are designed to be accessed from a remote broadband-connected computer. The remote lab computers have a similar configuration to the UMKC lab computers found on campus.
Residence Hall Computer Labs and Kiosks - Some Residence Halls have either computer labs or kiosks within them. More information can be found at this link.