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Office 2007 Overview and Highlights

Microsoft Office 2007 - Overview

A lot may seem to have changed in the new version of Microsoft Office, but the main difference is in how easy you'll find it to access the tools you need to produce the results you want.

The software packages in Microsoft Office include a wealth of functions that are often overlooked.  Each version builds on the one before, offering you more power and flexibility.  This also gives you many more options. 

These options have now been organized in a way that enables you to quickly access the commands you want.  Microsoft Office 2007 is quick and easy to use.  All the functions you need are right at your fingertips; better organized and more efficiently arranged for your convenience. 

Microsoft Office 2003 - The "Menu Bar"

The menu bar allowed you to dig through options to find the function you wanted, while also presenting icons for some of the most popular tools Microsoft Office provides.

With so many things that you can do, it's become harder to find how to do what you want through the menu bar.

Microsoft Office 2007 - "The Ribbon"

In the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft decided to restructure their whole way of organizing the tools they knew people wanted to use, but couldn't always find.

Enter - the ribbon.

The ribbon groups various functions based on the purpose they serve.  These groups are separated on tabs.  Now, instead of having to click and scroll through options, you simply click and scan the list of functions available to you.

Microsoft Office 2007 - "Tabs" and "Groups"

The functions you use in Microsoft Office 2007 are organized into "Tabs," which are each focused and organized for quick use into "Groups," such as the "Clipboard" or "Font" group.  Icons for the most popular commands are readily available in each group, saving you time.

If you don't see an icon for the command you need, you can reach more commands by clicking the arrow in the bottom corner of the group. 


Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Live Preview"

Microsoft Office 2007 was designed to save you time.   While you're scrolling through various formatting options, you may notice that your document changes with each selection you pass.  This is called the "Live Preview" and is a new feature designed to help you quickly see the results of each option.  Choosing your final results has never been easier.

Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Home" Tab

The "Home" tab contains the most popular commands.  They are organized for ease of use and are categorized into groups.  

For example, there is a "Clipboard" group, where you can cut, copy, and paste.  There is also a "Font" group, where you can alter your font such as making it bold, italic, or a different color.  In the "Paragraph" group, you can align or indent your text, change spacing or insert bullet points.

Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Insert" Tab

The "Insert" tab is also organized into groups based on function, which allows users to find what they need in a quick and easy way. 

From the "Insert" tab, you can insert page breaks, tables, and illustrations.  You can also include headers and footers and page numbers from this tab.  This is a very useful tab, and we encourage you to explore its functionality.


Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Page Layout" Tab

The "Page layout" tab is also organized into groups based on function, which allows users to find what they need in a quick and easy way. 

From the "Page Layout" tab, you can change your margins, insert columns, breaks, page borders, watermarks, and change indentation and spacing.  The many functions of this tab can really help you polish your documents, and the "Live Preview" function will help you quickly attain the results you want.  


Microsoft Office 2007 - Software Specific Tabs 

In addition to these universally useful tabs, each software package has its own specific set of tabs.  

For example, Microsoft Excel has tabs for "Data" and one for "Formulas," while Microsoft Word has tabs for "References" and "Mailings."

You can get more information on specific software packages by going to the Microsoft website and watching the various demo videos for each product.  Simply click on the "2007 Office System" tab under the "Browse Demos by Product" section at the following URL:

Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Office Button"

The "Office Button" is the place to click when you're looking to manage your document.

From here, you can open, save, and print your document.   You can also see the menu to open a new document, open saved documents, and can access the "Save" and "Save As..." functions.  By clicking the "Send" button, you can open an email message with the current file attached.

Looking for the "Print Preview" function?  It's right under "Print."

Microsoft Office 2007 - The "Quick Access Toolbar"


The "Quick Access Toolbar" allows you to quickly access commands that you frequently use by customizing its contents.  

For example, printing, saving, and opening new files are some of the most popular functions in Microsoft Word.   You can add these and more to your quick access toolbar, and then you're just one click away from the commands you most often use.


Microsoft Office 2007 - Getting Help from Microsoft

If you need help, just click on the question mark and a "Help" menu will pop up.  You can either browse through Microsoft's "Help" categories, or type in some keywords in the "Search" field to find the answers you're looking for.  


Microsoft Office 2007 - Pop-Up Menus

Sometimes menus pop up while you're working.  For instance the "Picture Tools" menu only appears when you've selected a picture and may need to edit it. 

There's also a pop-up window for formatting your font that appears as you select text.


Microsoft Office 2007 - Conclusion

As you can see, the new organization of Microsoft Office 2007 was designed with your experience and needs in mind.  Microsoft Office 2007 can take some getting used to, so to help you along, Microsoft has created several demo videos to get you up to speed. 

We encourage you to visit Microsoft's web site to learn more about Microsoft Office 2007.

Using "The Ribbon" (part of Microsoft Office 2007's "Fluent User Interface"):

Microsoft's "Up to speed with Excel 2007" demo:

Microsoft's "Up to speed with Outlook 2007" demo:

Microsoft's "Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007" demo:

Microsoft's "Up to speed with Word 2007" demo:


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