How to Use Your 7971 IP Phone

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User Guides

Click here to download the Quick Reference Guide.

Click here to download the Full User Guide.

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How to enter your phone location

7971 Phone Layout

1 Programmable Buttons Depending on configuration, these buttons can be phone lines, speed dials, or phone features.
2 Footstand button Allows you to adjust the angle of the phone base.
3 Display button Disables or awakens the touchscreen.
4 Messages Autodials Voicemail.
5 Directories Opens/closes the Directories menu to access call logs and a searchable directory.)
6 Help Activates the help menu.
7 Settings Opens/closes the Settings menu to access ringers, screen contrast, etc.
8 Services Opens/closes the Services menu.  *Note: This button may not be configured on your phone.
9 Volume Controls the handset, headset, speakerphone, and ringer volume.
10 Speaker Toggles the speakerphone on or off.
11 Mute Toggles the Mute feature on or off.
12 Headset Toggles the headset on or off
13 Navigation button Allows you to scroll through menus and highlight items. When phone is off-hook, displays your Placed Calls log.
14 Keypad Allows you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.
15 Softkey Each button activates the softkey option displayed on your phone screen.  Click here for definitions of each softkey.
16 Handset light strip Indicates an incoming call or new voicemail.
17 Touchscreen Shows phone features

Common Phone Tasks

Place a call Go off-hook before or after dialing a number
Redial a number Press Redial. Or press the Navigation button to see the Placed Calls log.
Hold/resume a call Press Hold or Resume.
Forward phone Press CFwdAll, enter the 4-digit extension or press the button to forward to voicemail.  Note:  Do not forward the phone to voicemail by forwarding to x5000, it will not work correctly.
Transfer a call Press Transfer, dial the number, then press Transfer again.
Conference Call Press, more > Confrn, dial the participant, then press Confrn again.
Call Pickup Lift the handset, press PickUp.
Mute your phone Press .
Use call logs Press the , highlight the call, then lift handset.
Switch to handset during call Pickup the handset.
Switch to speakerphone/headset during call Press or , then hand up the handset.
View Help on phone Press .

Phone Screen Icons

Call Forwarding enabled
Call on hold
Connected call
Incoming call
Shared line in use
Handset in use
Headset in use
Speakerphone in use
Message waiting
Speed Dial configured
Option Selected
Feature enabled