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Telecomunnications Price List

UMKC Networking & Telecommunications

Rates & Services - April 2012

Monthly Voice Service
Cost $22.50 per month
Description �Dial tone�, campus 4 digit dialing, free unlimited campus & local calls, voice mail, unified messaging with Exchange mailbox integration, all phone features available on device: forward, transfer, call pickup, conference, callback, speed dial, hold, mute, etc; phone repair/replacement, trouble shooting of all phone related issues, operator assistant/directory lookup
When Charged Each physical phone with associated number (#) or each secondary number (#) that�s not a primary number (#) on another phone.  Also includes faxes, alarm lines or other services requiring an analog circuit/connectivity
Voice Port Installation
Cost $250 per installation
Description Phone #, phone installed at site, phone line / patch cord installed
When Charged Each physical new phone
Note Does not include cost of phone
Voice or Data Jack Installation
Cost $175 per jack
Description Voice or Data jack installed in location designated
When Charged Each jack ordered.
Note Does not include activation of jack
Network Port Activation
Cost $25 per jack
Description Patch cord installed in data jack, access to UMKCnet, MOREnet, Internet & Internet2
When Charged Each jack requested to be activated
Change Class of Service
Cost $50 per phone per request
Description Request for new or changed services, example take off block on long distance, add pickup group, etc
When Charged Each time changes are requested per phone
Note Multiple changes done on the same phone on the same request only incur one charge
New Phone
Cost Varies with phone model, Tap - $50, 2616 - $400, IP 6921-$135, IP 7965 - $375
Description New phone
When Charged Each order for a new phone
Move Voice
Cost $75 per phone move
Description Physical move phone from current location to desired location, tested to make sure phone is working correctly
When Charged Each order received to move phone
Note Departments may move IP phones themselves at no charge but must update 911 location information and email Networking & Telecom new location of phone.  If departments request Networking & Telecom to complete the move for them, we will at regular phone move rate
Call Handler Setup
Cost $50 for basic call handler, more for complex configurations
Description Program call handler with routing and/or messages as requested by department
When Charged Each call handler requested
Domestic Long Distance Calling
Cost $0.10 per minute of use
Description Provides long distance calling to any domestic location
When Charged Each domestic long distance call completed
International Long Distance Calling
Cost Varies by country from $0.11 per minute to over $20.00 per minute of use, cost based on contract pricing
Description Provides long distance calling to any international location
When Charged Each international long distance call completed
Expedite Fee
Cost $100 per request per phone/jack
Description Moves your request ahead of all others in queue except all other existing expedites
When Charged Each time departments request their service orders have priority over others already in queue
Cost $7 per month for Numeric pager, $10.25 per month for Alpha Numeric
Description Provides rental of a paging device
When Charged Each pager, until the rental is terminated and the pager returned
Note Additional services (nationwide service, high volume, etc) may cost extra
Point to Point Circuit
Cost $150.00 installation and 22.50 per month
Description Provides point-to-point circuit for devices like alarm lines etc
When Charged Each circuit requested by department
Polycom Conference Phone Rental
Cost $10 per day of use
Description Rental of Polycom Conference phone for medium sized conference calls
When Charged Each day rented, no charge for pickup the day before or return the day after usage
Note Analog and Voice-over-IP models available
Services Provided to Departments at No Additional Cost 
35+ Campus Phone Remove a Phone
Voicemail Password Changes / Reset Remove Voicemail
Voice / Data Engineering & Design Voice / Data Project Managment
Disconnect Voice or Data Jack 35+ Campus Elevator Phones
All Data Network Services (UMKCnet, Internet & Internet2 access) 60+ Emergency Phones (Blue Towers)