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Access Call Detail Online

Monthly Long Distance Detail is no longer sent out as a paper copy.
To access this information do the following:

1. Log into MIS:
2. Select Web Applications
3. Select PS Financial Reports
4. Go to the Income Statements section
5. Keep the default of Rpt. 1: Fund, DeptID and hit GO
6. Type in your deparment's DeptID
7. Select KCITY from the Business Unit drilldown
8. Keep the default of ALL for Budget period
9. Keep the default of 2002 for Fiscal Year (or current fiscal year)
10. Month-your choice
11. Budget Level 1
12. Input Funds, if applicable
13. Keep the default of Report 1-Fund, DeptID
14. Hit-Run Report
15. From PS Account 724700-Wats
16. Hit-dollar amount under current month
17. Find the line with the Source Code of KLD
18. Hit KLD
19. This list is the Summary
20. If you are an authorized signer on this account, you will be able to hit every name and see its matching detail similar to the paper long distance Call Detail.
21. If you hit KLD and receive the following error:  "You are not authorized to access this information. Please contact your campus accounting office to request access."  Please call Accounting at 816-235-1345.

Call Maria DeSimio at 816-235-2607 with any questions regarding the online detail.