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911 Calls from a Campus IP Phone (Location Enforcement)

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In order to provide a more complete 911 service to the campus’s IP phones, a new service has been implemented. This service will help provide location enforcement by asking the user of the phone to enter the location or to confirm the existing location when the phone has rebooted or disconnected from the network. Below are instructions how to enter your phone’s location. When the phone is done rebooting, a menu will pop shortly after, and will ask you two things:

Building:       Please enter your building name (up to 32 Characters).
Suite/Floor:   Please enter your room number (up to 32 Characters).

You will need to use the keypad on the phone to type out your location. This works much like texting on your cell phone: if you want to type a “b” press the 2 key until the character you want is highlighted. If you need to backspace, press the << softkey. You may also use the directional keypad to scroll between lines. When you are done, press the Submit softkey and your changes will be saved. Tip: If you need to use a space, press the 0 key until you reach the very last character.

If you have already entered your phone’s location, the system will display the previously entered location and will prompt you to either confirm or edit. If everything is fine, press the Confirm softkey. If you would like to change your location, press the edit key and follow the instructions above.

If you need to change your location of your phone for any reason, you may do so with the following instructions:


1. Press the Applications Button.
2. Press option 4 for Services.
3. Select the Location Update Service.
4. Enter your location information, and press the Submit softkey.
5. Review your information and press the Confirm softkey.

7961, 7965 and 7971

1. Press the Services button on your phone.
2. Select the Location Update Service.
3. Enter your location information, and press the Submit softkey.
4. Review your information and press the Confirm softkey.

For other questions on how to use your phone, please visit