UMKC Unity Connection Voice Messaging System

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UMKC Unity Connection Voice Messaging System

UMKC Information Services has implemented a voicemail system that integrates your voicemails and emails together in your Exchange inbox allowing you to easily manage your messages and allow you to work more efficiently.

All voicemail boxes have a limit of 38 Megabytes of storage. This is about 8 minutes of recorded messages.

You will receive an email notice when your voicemail box gets close to the limit. Once your voicemail box reaches the limit no one will be able to leave a message. If you need to clean out your voicemail box please go to the Instructions for Emptying a Voicemail Box.

Access Unity Connection by Phone

On Campus:   Dial x5000, Enter your password.
Off Campus:   816-235-5000, Press *, Enter your extension, Enter your Password.

Access Unity Connection by Web

Click below to access your voice messages or change your phone password, greetings, etc.

Unity Connection Personal Communications Assistant

Click here to manage your Unity Connection account.

*Note: This option can only be used if you know the username and password of the email account the voicemail goes to.

How to Change Your Unity Connection Phone Password

This option can only be used if you know the username and password of the email account the voicemail goes to.
  • Click the above link, Click here to manage your Unity Connection Account.
  • Log on using your SSO (Exchange) account.
  • Click on "Messaging Assistant".
  • Click on Passwords column, Enter your new password (pin) and confirm.
  • Press the "Save" button to save your changes.
  • Click here for Step-by-Step Guided Instructions to change your voicemail pin/password.

    If you have a dial-in only voicemail box, the pin/password has not expired and know the pin you can change the pin by dialing in and selecting the following options
    Option 4 – Change Setup Options
    Option 3 – Preferences
    Option 2 – Change pin

    Unity Connection Phone Password Rules

  • Must be at least 5 digits in length.
  • Cannot include your extension.
  • Passwords will be reset every 180 days.
  • Must be unique. Unity remembers up to 3 previous passwords.
  • Cannot start with 0.
  • The password cannot contain your primary extension or its reverse.
  • The password must contain at least three different digits.
  • The digits cannot all be consecutive in ascending or descending order (for example, 12345 or 54321).
  • A digit cannot be used more than two times consecutively (for example, 14777).
  • The password cannot contain repeated groups of three or more digits (for example, 408510408).
  • The password cannot be a numeric representation of your first or last name, or the combination of your first and last names. (For example, if your name is John Doe, you could not use a numeric representation of johnd, johndoe, jdoe, doe.)
  • Emptying Voicemail Box

    There is a 3-day grace period for deleted voicemail messages. Once you delete voicemail messages with Outlook or by pressing 7 to delete when listening by phone, you still need to empty your deleted items. Depending on the type of voicemail box you have, you can use one of the two options below to delete messages if you want the messages deleted immediately.

    If your voicemail goes into your personal email account, click here for instructions to clean out your voicemail box.

    If you have a dial-in only voicemail box, you will have to use the instructions below to delete the voice messages.
    1. From your own phone, press the Messages button.
    2. Then press * and enter the extension you want to delete the voicemails for.
    3. Enter ID (extension #)
    4. Enter your 4-6-digit voicemail PIN followed by #.
    5. Choose option 3 to delete message(s). You will need to delete them one by one.
    6. If you have “old” message(s) choose option 3 to review old messages.
    7. Choose option 2 for deleted messages.
    8. Choose option 2 to erase deleted messages.
    9. Choose option 1 to delete the messages.
    10. Choose option 1 to delete only voice mail messages

    Access Unity Connection by Visual VoiceMail

  • Press the Services button
  • Select the VisualVoiceMail option
  • Type in your Phone PIN in the Password field
  • When finished, press the Services button twice to return Menu
  • Other Help

    Unity Quick Reference Guide (pdf)
    Unity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Voicemail Etiquette Tips

    Who to Call

    If you need help, please contact the IS Technology Support Center at 816-235-2000.