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Policy on the Use of Enterprise Management Software

Detailed are the principles and guidelines, which govern the use of enterprise management software, such as Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), at the University of Missouri Kansas City. These guidelines apply to UMKC faculty and staff members connecting a University owned or controlled computer device (e.g., PC, Macintosh, LAN File Server, Workstation or Laser Printer) to UMKCnet.

All use of system management tools by members of Information Services staff, shall be for, or in support of, the efficient and effective delivery of technical support to the UMKC campus community. Information Services personnel will not use the remote control software without the expressed consent of the principal user of the device, except in special cases where the use of the computer, network or facility is being compromised.

Information Services management personnel will review reported or perceived violations of this policy. Any personnel found deliberately compromising University data is subject to immediate disciplinary action or dismissal.

Use of this software must comply with the University of Missouri Acceptable Use Policy and others as referenced by the University of Missouri - Kansas City at