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IS Principles of Operation

UMKC Information Services is a client-oriented organization.  Satisfied clients are the measure of our success.  We go out of our way to exceed their expectations.

UMKC Information Services is a result-driven organization.  Success is measured by what we accomplish and the value we add to the University.  We strive to make timely, effective, and fact-driven decisions.

All employees treat clients and fellow employees in a professional manner.  We are courteous, respectful, and use good etiquette to conduct our business.  We encourage the constructive criticism of ideas, not people, because new ideas lead to better solutions.

Management acknowledges the value of and strives to create an environment that contributes to the success of all employees.  Management gives full recognition that employees are our most valuable resource.

UMKC Information Services strives to be the ultimate learning organization.  We search out and embrace best practices.  We encourage risk taking and learn from our experiences.

Everyone is treated with fairness and respect.  We place a high value on open, honest, and accurate communications with our clients within each division across UMKC and the UM System.

All staff accept responsibility for maintaining a good attitude towards work and change.  Each individual must continuously prepare for ever-changing information technology.  As the organization’s needs change, IS staff are ready to face new challenges and opportunities.