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UMKCnet Connectivity and Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to any user connecting any device to UMKCnet. UMKCnet is the campus-wide data communications infrastructure primarily utilizing Ethernet standards for media, and using TCP/IP as the communication protocol. UMKCnet is managed and maintained by UMKC Information Services Networking and Telecommunications department. These guidelines were developed to ensure the stability and security of UMKCnet and the protection of ALL network users. Infringement of these guidelines may result in one or more of the following: unreachable systems connected to UMKCnet; temporary or prolonged loss of the individual's UMKCnet connection; server outage; assessment of wiring or repair charges; assessment of damages caused to UMKCnet hardware or other University property.

  1. The University of Missouri Acceptable Use Policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and affiliated users of the network to support the university’s mission and goals.  Network devices (devices) include, but are not limited to, computers, printers, and other equipment necessary to obtain access to UMKCnet and/or the Internet.
  2. The user accepts full responsibility for any and all network activities over the connection, including ensuring their connection is not used for hacking activity. The user is responsible for maintaining their network devices in a secure and controlled manner. (e.g. appropriate anti-virus software must be installed and updated to current configurations).  The user is responsible for maintaining backups of all of their information and data.
  3. Any faculty, researcher, or staff can obtain a connection to UMKCnet for an authorized network device.  To start the process, submit a Service Order to Networking and Telecommunications. The Service Order should contain funding information, contact person and exact room location where the data jack is needed. An Activation Fee will be charged for an existing network data jack.  An Installation Fee will be charged by Networking and Telecommunications for the installation of the network data jack, if one does not exist, at the desired location. The network data jack will be completely tested by Networking and Telecommunications before activation. Normally, only one or two network data jacks will be installed within a normal office. However, situations requiring more network connections per room will be supported. (e.g., servers, shared laser printers, and computer labs, large offices, etc.). The installation of repeaters or other networking devices by anyone other than UMKC IS staff is strictly prohibited. Ports will be monitored and will be shutdown according to the ‘Data Jack Shut Down and Reconnect’ procedure document, when multiple devices are detected on a single network data jack.
  4. At this time, students are only allowed to connect privately owned devices to UMKCnet data jacks in the following situations:
    1. Students living in one of the Residence Halls may use data services provided in the residences (See guidelines on computers in the Residence Halls).
    2. Student Common Areas such as Miller Nichols Library Commons, the Bloch School Lounge, and the Law School Lounge.
    3. Wireless access is available for student use on limited devices.  Refer to the map of coverage areas at
    4. ILE workstation data jacks.  (Special data jacks located on the computer-enabled lecterns in certain classrooms.)
  5. Students may use university owned network devices, as approved by the appropriate faculty, researchers or staff.   This authorization includes the use of the Student General Use Laboratories.
  6. The network data jacks, routing equipment, and switching equipment are University property.   UMKC IS Networking and Telecommunications staff are the only personnel authorized to install, reinstall or relocate them. Please notify Networking and Telecommunications at 816-235-2000, if a network jack becomes damaged or disconnected from its anchor point. If a network jack must be moved to a new location, then simply submit a Service Order to Networking and Telecommunications.
  7. To obtain full benefit from the UMKCnet connection, some basic training will be available. Most IT Liaisons provide the required training and installation support. However to fill any gaps, UMKC IS will offer training for department support staff on installation and configuration of network client software and hardware.   If Liaisons are not available UMKC IS will install and configure supported software and hardware. UMKC IS provides training on basic applications packages. Contact the Call Center, 816-235-2000, for further information on training.
  8. No Server services can be defined or offered over the UMKCnet connection without advance approval from UMKC IS.  This includes, but is not limited to, LAN File Servers, printer servers, web servers, FTP servers, news servers, and mail servers.  This is to ensure that any services that are to be offered on the network are allowed through the proper campus firewalls, and other security measures put into place on the network.  You should contact the Technology Support Center at 816-235-2000 or to request allowances for such services.  The typical turn-around time will be 1-business day.
  9. Peer-to-peer file swapping services, e.g., Kazaa and BitTorrent, consume large amounts of network bandwidth due to their ‘swarm’ and ‘mesh’ technologies, and are frequently used for copyright infringement.  Due to the nature of these programs they will not be permitted on UMKCnet.
  10. Improperly installed routers, hubs, and other networking equipment can result in network bridging and network routing loops.  These devices can also result in other forms of degraded service due to lack of QoS (Quality of Service) and other similar controls.  UMKCnet routers, wireless network devices, and switches (both hardware and software) are configured to effectively and efficiently route data throughout the campus network. Departments or Units are not allowed to install routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, wireless hubs, or other networking equipment that will be connected to UMKCnet, without permission from Information Services. All backbone and building network cables and equipment will be purchased and managed by UMKC IS. A department or unit may turn an unauthorized network device to UMKC IS, and UMKC IS will replace the unauthorized device with an authorized device if the operation of the device is necessary to accomplish department or unit goals.  This turn-in period expires on December 31st, 2006, and will only apply to devices purchased prior to November 1st, 2005.
  11. Network traffic originating from a UMKCnet connection must not jeopardize or impede use of the network. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive bandwidth usage, detrimental usage, and usage not in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy and this document.

If traffic that is detrimental to the campus network is detected, such as error packets, jam packets, and other malformed or attack-type packets, the data jack will be shutdown according to the ‘Data Jack Shut Down and Reconnect’ procedure document.

  1. A static IP address is assigned to an authorized network device must only be used on that device. IP addresses cannot be transferred to other devices without prior consent from UMKC IS.  DHCP is available in all campus buildings to dynamically assign IP addresses. A unique DNS hostname may be requested for a device.  This hostname should not be modified once assigned.  Users may request DNS aliases to a hostname as needed.  Requests for static IP addresses and DNS records should be made by contacting the Technology Support Center at or calling 816-235-2000.  These requests will be fulfilled as soon as possible, usually within 2 business days.
  2. is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A maintenance window has been scheduled between Midnight Saturday and 8 AM Sunday. It is during this period, UMKCnet maintenance is routinely performed. Routers, hubs, or other networking equipment may be down during this time without prior notification.

    Full access to File Servers, computer systems, databases, or off-campus networks may vary. Please contact the Technology Support Center, 816-235-2000, for further information regarding scheduled maintenance.

  3. The Technology Support Center hours are 7 AM until 7 PM Monday through Thursday and 7 AM until 5 PM Friday - excluding University holidays and periods of suspended operations. UMKCnet is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Network support staff are automatically notified about major networking problems. Problems or questions concerning the use of the UMKCnet should be directed to the Technology Support Center, 816-235-2000.  This number may also be used after hours, from which a calling service will contact after-hours support personnel.

  4. UMKCnet outages will be of several types: Scheduled, Unscheduled and Other Network Outages.

1.      Occasionally, routine maintenance of UMKCnet facilities will be required and scheduled during the weekly maintenance window (see 13. above). A web page of Networking Information/Events is maintained so that users can check on scheduled outages or other information related to UMKCnet.

2.      Unscheduled outages are beyond the control of the UMKCnet management team. Major UMKCnet outages (e.g., routers, building wiring hubs, links to MOREnet and the Internet, etc.) will be automatically detected and reported to the UMKCnet management team for corrective action.

3.      Other network outages pertain to specific resources (e.g., a File Server, E-Mail Server, Media Server, Web Server, etc. or any other resource normally accessed via UMKCnet) not being available when needed. Most of these outages will be outside of the purview of the UMKCnet management team, but will be reported to the proper organizations as soon as possible. Notices of planned outages will be communicated by appropriate methods.  The time to repair such outages is variable and beyond the control of the UMKCnet management team. A database of campus network resources will be maintained and network access verified. Some outages will be reported directly to the UMKCnet management team for possible corrective action. General access to some monitored links is available through the IS website.

  1. Departments who operate their own servers, and whose users also contact the Technology Support Center for assistance calls, should contact the Technology Support Center at 816-235-2000 if they have any planned or unplanned outages.  This will ensure that the Technology Support Center can help field any questions related to the departmental server outage.
  2. This policy will be reviewed on a 3-year cycle unless a significant technology changes in a way that affects the applicability of this policy.

Please report suspected network outages or problems to the Technology Support Center, 816-235-2000. The problem might already be known (e.g., a scheduled outage), if not, appropriate action will be taken to correct the problem. Key departmental contacts should notify the Technology Support Center of any other network device problems.