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iOS Remote Application Connection Instructions

Please Note: Accessing the UMKC Remote Labs from an iOS device requires the use of the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app (version 8.1.41 or higher).


Due to recent updates from Microsoft and Apple, Remote Applications will no longer open directly on iOS devices. If you select a Remote Application in Safari, the browser will automatically redirect you to the full Remote Desktop.
  1. Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app
  2. Visit the available labs and applications page
  3. Enter your UMKC Username and Password
    • It is no longer required to manually choose a Domain when logging in to Remote Labs. All accounts have been migrated to the UM-AD domain.
  4. Tap Logon
  5. Select a Remote Application and click on the corresponding icon
  6. If labs seats are available you will be taken to another page
  7. Tap on the Launch my session! button
  8. Tap Open in RD Client
  9. You will be prompted for credentials. Login with your fully qualified UMKC Username (UM-AD\UMKCusername) and Password
  10. Tap Logon
  11. If you are off-campus, you will be promted for credentials a second time
  12. You may notice a connection dialog while your connection is being processed
  13. Tap Connect Always
  14. You may notice a connection dialog while your session is being connected
  15. If you have not recently connected to this remote lab computer there will also be a delay as your profile is created. This is normal.
  16. You are now connected! The Remote Application will appear to be running from your local device

Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome

Due to limitations with iOS and certain web browsers, you cannot access Remote Apps from all web browsers. Please review the iOS Remote Lab connection instructions and connect via the full Remote Desktop.

If you have questions or require additional help, please visit the Remote Labs FAQ, contact UMKC Remote Labs Support online, or call the UMKC Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000.