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When Should I Use These Special Instructions?

DO NOT use this page unless you need to access your Mac hard drive inside of Remote Labs. Most users should follow the much simpler Remote Labs instructions for Mac. You do not need to follow this verbose version to save to your UMKC Q:\ drive or cloud storage. These in-depth instructions are specifically for users who need to save data from Remote Labs directly to a Mac.

How To Mount Local File Storge In Remote Labs From Mac OSX

  1. Before you begin, verify you have met all of the prerequisites outlined in the Standard Instructions.
  2. Login to the available labs and applications page
  3. Enter your UMKC Username and password
    • It is no longer required to manually choose a Domain when logging in to Remote Labs. All accounts have been migrated to the UM-AD domain.
  4. Click Logon
  5. Select a Remote Lab and click Connect to Remote Desktop
  6. If labs seats are available you will be taken to another page
  7. Click on the Launch my session! button
  8. A connection file will download automatically to your default downloads directory
  9. Use Finder or your application list to open Microsoft Remote Desktop
    1. In the menu bar open Connections > Import from RDP
    2. Find RemoteLabName.rdp in your downloads folder and click Import
    3. You will have a new tile labeled RemoteLabName. Click the pencil/edit icon in the bottom right corner of the tile
    4. Click the Folders tab
    5. Check the box Redirect Folders
    6. Click the + symbol in the bottom left corner
    7. Select the folder you wish to save to. You will need to remember this folder name later. You do not need to know the path to the folder. You will be able to browse any child folders and files from within Remote Labs.
    8. Click Open
    9. Click Save
  10. Double Click the new Remote Lab tile
  11. If you are off campus:
    1. You will be prompted for credentials (and again later).
    2. Login with your fully qualified UMKC Username (UM-AD\username) and password
  12. If you see a message 'the Identity of the remote computer may not be verified':
    1. Check the box, Don't ask, to prevent seeing this in the future
    2. Click Continue
  13. You will be prompted for credentials. Login with your fully qualified UMKC Username (UM-AD\username) and password
  14. You may notice a connection dialog while your session is being connected
  15. Your Mac will show up in Windows File Explorer under the section 'Redirected drives and folders'
  16. When you are ready to save data (similar process for Open data/file)
    1. Click Save
    2. Change My Documents to This PC
    3. Look for "[YourFolder] on [YourMacName]" for example: "Downloads on my-iMac"
If you have questions or require additional help, please visit the Remote Labs FAQ, contact UMKC Remote Labs Support online, or call the UMKC Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000.