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The RooLabs Online portal provides real time information regarding capacities of student computing labs located on campus, how many machines are currently in use in each lab, and provides free remote access to lab software. You can plan ahead before making a trip to a lab, or simply connect to the lab from the convenience of your own device. Connecting remotely to a lab in RooLabs Online will be a similar experience to using an on-campus lab. If you have access to a general lab or departmental lab on-campus that participates in RooLabs Online, you can remotely access ALL of the same software via RooLabs Online.

Preview the entire catalog of lab software accessible from RooLabs Online, connect now to see which on-campus labs participate in RooLabs Online, or reveiw the RooLabs Online frequently asked questions page for more information.

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Remote Labs

UMKC Remote Labs also offers remote access to a variety of software. Remote Labs offers a small subset of curated software compared to RooLabs Online. The selected software has been optimized specifically for remote access. Software is organized by UMKC Departments and does not correspond to any specific on-campus offerings. More information is available on the Remote Labs FAQ