UMKC Email Encryption Appliance Hosted Encryption

UMKC offers Appliance Hosted email encryption, for a monthly fee.

With this service, your sent email is not encrypted on UMKC's email server, but is instead encrypted as it is sent to the Internet.

As the message leaves the email system, it is stored on a secure appliance, and the email recipient will get instructions on how to securely access the sent email message.

The recipient can reply to the sent email message, and the reply will remain on the secure appliance.

This encryption is best in cases where S/MIME security is too difficult to setup, and where you are only concerned about the security of the recipients email system. This will not protect copies of the email that may sync onto your portable devices.

To request this service at UMKC, please contact the Technology Support Center at and provide the list of email addresses to enable for the service and MO-Code that should be charged for the services.

Current fees for the service, and information on how to use this service are posted at:

UM System Appliance Hosted Email Encryption