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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud, previously Creative Suite, is a collection of applications developed by Adobe Systems for creating PDF documents, graphic design, collaborative design, video editing, web development, 2D/3D rendering, mobile app design, and photography.

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How do I buy Adobe products?

Information regarding how to purchase Adobe products from UMKC can be found on the Adobe Products page. If you are a Fiscal Officer or Authorized Signer, you can submit purchases with the Adobe Order Form. Subscriptions end every year on June 30th. Information Services will give Fiscal Officers the opportunity to renew each user's subscription before it expires to prevent a lapse in service.

Does UMKC offer free access to Adobe products?

All active UMKC users have free access to the fully licensed suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software in shared use labs around campus. A complete list of other free to use software is available on the Labs Software page. Faculty and Staff have the option to use Adobe products remotely from any computer, including personal computers off campus via UMKC Remote Labs. Options for Students differ and are addressed on the Student FAQ. Creative Cloud is currently in the following on-campus lab locations:

  • Miller Nichols Library 2nd Floor
  • Nursing HSB 3304
  • Royall Hall 303
  • Student Union 210

UMKC also provides all active faculty, staff, and students complimentary access to Adobe Express for use on personal computers and mobile devices. Express offers lightweight versions of popular Creative Cloud apps that focus on ease of use compared the more fully featured licensed counterparts. Express includes certain mobile apps as well as a variety of tools accessible online via a web browser. A comparision between Creative Cloud and Express is available on the UMKC Adobe Product list. Get started at

How do I login to Acrobat or Creative Cloud Apps?

The first time you launch a Creative Cloud app you will be prompted to Login with your UMKC Federated AdobeID.

  • All UMKC provided AdobeIDs will be in the format and never
  • Adobe IDs always reflect your official username/SSO; newer accounts will be hash formatted (ABC123), older accounts are formatted (LastNameFirstInitial).
  • Your AdobeID will not reflect any custom email aliases you may have requested or created (,, etc).
  • Your Adobe license will not be available if you sign in with any incorrect variation of your UMKC AdobeID.
  • UMKC Adobe accounts are Federated through UMKC and the UM System. They cannot be linked or integrated with third party federation services such as Google or Facebook.

You do not need to enter a password on the initial sign in page, you will be prompted on the following page. If you are prompted for an account type, choose "School Account."

Enter your UMKC Username in the format

You will be redirected to the Microsoft sign in page for UM System.

Verify your identity using your chosen multifactor authentication (MFA) method. For more information on MFA please see the UMKC MFA page.

For your convenience, Adobe will remember your account even if you logout of Windows or reboot the computer. If someone else logs into your computer, they will not have access to your Adobe account or software. They will need to login with their own account.

My license is expiring?

Adobe licenses are subscription based and must be renewed annually. UMKC IS proactively provides information to department Fiscal Officers so licenses can be renewed before they expire, preventing lapse in service. If you are seeing warning messages regarding license expiration or trial expiration, please verify you are logging in to the Adobe software with your correct UMKC AdobeID ( If this does not resolve the issue, the UMKC IS Technology Support Center can verify if you have an active subscription.

Adobe Authenticator App and Multi-Factor Authentication?

"Adobe Authenticator" and "Adobe Account Access" are two Adobe mobile device apps targeted at consumer Adobe subscriptions using personal AdobeIDs. All Adobe accounts provided by UMKC are Adobe FederatedIDs (not personal IDs) which allows you to login with your UMKC password to Adobe Products. As part of the Federation process, all UMKC Adobe accounts are already robustly secured and protected via other mechanisms similar to the Adobe authenticator app. Manually enrolling your UMKC FederatedID ( in the consumer protection apps, consumer multi-factor authentication, or consumer two-step verification may result in your account being locked out by Adobe.

How do I access Adobe cloud storage?

Adobe cloud storage is included with all Adobe products purchased via UMKC. However, UMKC does not provide assistance or support. Any questions or issues regarding storage should be sent directly to Adobe Support. Your files can be accessed from any computer at

UMKC offers full support for Box Cloud Storage. Box offers fewer limitations than Adobe Cloud Storage and is the University's approved solution for secure cloud file storage, sharing, and collaboration.

Does Adobe Creative Cloud require a network connection?

Your computer must be physically on the UMKC campus for the initial software installation. After this is complete, your Adobe software will never need to connect to the UMKC network. Every time you launch an Adobe Creative Cloud app it will verify if you can connect to the Internet. If you are offline certain services and features will be unavailable. If you remain offline for 30 days, you will be unable to open any Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Can I use Adobe Creative Cloud on multiple devices?

New in 2019. Previously, UMKC Adobe licenses were purchased and assigned to a single computer. UMKC has moved to the Adobe Named User model which assigns your purchased Adobe license to your UMKC user account. This will allow authorized users to use Adobe Creative Cloud on multiple computers at the cost of only one license.

You can use Creative Cloud on as many computers as you like. However, you can only be signed in to two computers at a time. If you sign in to a third computer, you will be prompted to sign out of a previous computer. To sign out of a computer, the machine must have an active Internet connection.

Can I use a UMKC Adobe license on my personal or home computer?

Your UMKC Adobe license permits you to use Creative Cloud on a non-UMKC computer. You can download and install directly from UMKC does not provide assistance or support for personal computers.

Additional Support

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