Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud, previously Creative Suite, is a collection of applications developed by Adobe Systems for creating PDF documents, graphic design, collaborative design, video editing, web development, 2D/3D rendering, mobile app design, and photography.

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Does UMKC offer free Student access to Adobe products?

All UMKC students have free access to Adobe software in general use labs around campus. Creative Cloud is currently in the following locations:

  • Bloch Heritage Hall 110
  • Miller Nichols Library 2nd Floor
  • Nursing HSB 3304
  • Royall Hall 303
  • Student Union 210

Many Departmental Labs also offer access to Adobe software. A complete listing of which Departmental labs include Adobe Creative Cloud is available. Access to Adobe software in these labs will vary based on your degree program.

Remote Access to Adobe Creative Cloud is available with RooLabs Online. RooLabs Online allows students to remotely access software from any device off-campus. Students previously accessing Adobe Creative Cloud via UMKC Remote Labs should now transition to RooLabs Online.

Can I get my own Adobe Student License?

Students in certain degree programs within the UMKC College of Arts & Sciences may be eligble to receive a free student license paid for by the University. Please contact your instructor to verify eligibility. If you have already been provided a UMKC student license, please refer to the section below regarding 'how to login'

UMKC students are eligible to purchase personal Adobe subscriptions with a student discount. This requires the creation of a personal AdobeID. Students can not use existing AdobeIDs that were previously tied to UMKC Adobe licenses. Please reveiw Adobe's System Requirements before installing on a personal machine. Assistance with licenses purchased directly from Adobe are supported solely by Adobe. UMKC does not provide support for these licenses.

If you have an Adobe Student license, you can install Creative Cloud on your personal device
  1. Download the Creative Cloud Launcher directly from
  2. Run the downloaded file while logged in with your computer's administrator account.
  3. Review the section below on 'how to login' with your subscription.
  4. After successfully logging in, click Start Installing.
  5. When the initial installation is complete, Creative Cloud Desktop should open automatically.
  6. Browse the list of available apps and click Install for each app you need to use. A progress bar will appear for each app you choose to install.
  7. When each app is ready for use, a button labeled Open will appear.
  8. On Windows computers, installed apps will be added to your Start Menu.

How do I login to Acrobat or Creative Cloud Apps?

The first time you launch a Creative Cloud app you will be prompted to Login with an AdobeID. Enter your UMKC Username followed by “”. You do not need to enter a password yet. You will not be able to access on-campus labs, RooLabs Online, or your UMKC student subscription if you sign in with a personal AdobeID or login as You must use

You will be prompted for an account type. Choose "School Account."

Enter just your UMKC username on this screen (not a full email address). Enter your UMKC Password. Click Login.

Additional Support

If you are experiencing issues, please contact the Technology Support Center or call 816.235.2000.