UMKC Support Levels

The following model explains the three levels of technical support offered by Information Services. Supported products have been categorized according to this system and can be referenced in the Support Matrix. Please visit our Support Matrix pagefor a list of the numerous software packages that UMKC Support Services provides technical support (for UMKC faculty and staff).

Level I -- Campus-Wide Support

Information Services makes a strong commitment to providing advanced support including the installation, configuration, usage and troubleshooting of these products. Many times, the support resources for these systems will be outside the Information Services organization, such as at the UM System level; however, support issues will be routed to the supporting group accordingly.

Level I products have the following characteristics:

  • Critical to the University mission
  • Widely used across campus
  • Evaluated as being one of the top products in its class
  • Runs adequately on computers meeting the UMKC standards for new microcomputers
  • Sufficient support resources exist
  • Valid licenses exist

Level II -- Specialized Support

Specific technical groups are generally involved with supporting or using these applications. Application expertise may exist in the departments. If you are not familiar with whom to contact for support, the IS Technology Support Center (816.235.200) is a great place to start.

Level II products have the following characteristics:

  • Critical to the University mission
  • Highly-specialized, niche software
  • Not accessible at a campus-wide level
  • Valid licenses exist

Level III -- No Support

Level III products are not supported by Information Services.

Level III products have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Product is no longer supported by the vendor
  • Security issues exists
  • No valid license exists
  • No support expertise or resources for the product exists in Information Services