UMKC Support Matrix

UMKC Support Services provides technical support for numerous software packages to UMKC faculty and staff. Our technical expertise and training efforts are focused on the software listed below. Support Services is dedicated to providing excellent support for these packages.

Please visit our Software Support Levels page for a description of the three levels of technical support offered by Information Services.

Software Support - Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff support from the UMKC Call Center includes:

Software support for university-owned computers for all products on the Support Matrix (below). The UMKC Call Center provides support via the phone and email for all software listed at the Campus-wide support level. Support Services' Desktop Support team provides hands-on support to many areas on campus for products at the Campus-wide level and installation for products at the Specialized level.

Highly Specialized systems may receive support at a local level from an IT Liaison, but this is not guaranteed.

Software Support - Student

Student software support from the UMKC Call Center includes:

  • help configuring Microsoft Outlook (for Windows and Macintosh) for use with the UMKC email system
  • networking issues in the Residence Hall for students using the ResNet kit

Student assistants are available in the Information Services computer labs and other labs on campus to help students the with software installed there.

Support Matrix

The following tables outlines supported software and levels of support.


Productivity Software

Product Unsupported Features Support Level
Word Processing
Microsoft Word 2007 (Windows)   Specialized
Microsoft Word 2010 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Word 2013 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Word 2008 (Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Word 2011 (Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Excel 2007 (Windows) VBA Specialized
Microsoft Excel 2010 (Windows) VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft Excel 2013 (Windows) VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft Excel 2008 (Mac) VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft Excel 2011 (Mac) VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft Access 2007 (Windows) Database design and VBA Specialized
Microsoft Access 2010 (Windows) Database design and VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft Access 2013 (Windows) Database design and VBA Campus-wide
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (Windows)   Specialized
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 (Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)   Campus-wide
Web Editing
Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 (Windows) Programming and scripting languages Campus-wide
Dreamweaver (Windows & Mac)   Specialized

Internet Software

Product Unsupported Features Support Level
Browsers and Plug-ins
Adobe Acrobat 11.x (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.x (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Windows Media Player 11.x   Campus-wide
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x (Windows & Mac) Only the browser is supported Campus-wide
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer   Campus-wide
Mozilla Firefox (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
RealPlayer 10.x (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
Safari 3.x (Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Outlook 2013 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Windows)   Specialized
Outlook Web and Mobile Access (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
Instant Messaging
Microsoft Lync 2013 (Windows)   Campus-wide
Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 (Windows)   Specialized
IceTCP 5   Specialized
Terminal Services Gateway   Specialized

Other Software

Product Unsupported Features Support Level
Microsoft Forefront (Windows)   Campus-wide
EndNote X7 (Windows & Mac)   Campus-wide
Graphic Design & Media
Adobe Creative Cloud (Windows & Mac)   Specialized
Apple Aperture (Mac)   Specialized
Apple Final Cut (Mac)   Specialized
Apple Logic (Mac)   Specialized
Maple 18 (Windows, Mac, Linux)   Campus-wide
SAS 9.4 (Windows)   Campus-wide
SPSS 22 (Windows)   Campus-wide
University Data Access
Ad Astra (room scheduling)   Specialized
BSR Advance 9.x   Specialized
ImageNow! (document imaging)   Specialized
Oracle 9i & 10g Drivers   Campus-wide
PeopleSoft (financials)   Campus-wide
Remedy Action Request System   Specialized

Operating Systems

Product Unsupported Features Support Level
Mac OS X   Campus-wide
Microsoft Windows XP Professional XP is unsupported No Support
Microsoft Windows Vista Professional Vista is being phased out in favor of more current operating systems Specialized
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise   Campus-wide
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise   Specialized

Department Specific Software

Product Unsupported Features Support Level
Act (Environmental Health: contact management)   Specialized
AppointmentsPro (Student Health: patient management)   Specialized
CEO Scheduler (Conferences: scheduling)   Specialized
CertiPort (Testing Center: certification exams)   Specialized
Conference Programmer (Residential Life: event scheduling)   Specialized
CostWorks (CFM: cost estimation)   Specialized
Housing Director (Residential Life: housing)   Specialized
ImageTrax (Intl Student Affairs: student records management)   Specialized
InfoPrint GUI Manager (Central Systems: print management)   Specialized
Mobius DocumentDirect (Financial Services: PeopleSoft data access)   Specialized
nVision (Financial Services: PeopleSoft data access)   Specialized
OJT32 (CFM: training)   Specialized
Projex (CFM: CAD access)   Specialized
RecTrac (Student Affairs: management system)   Specialized
Scheduler+ (University Center: scheduling)   Specialized
TitaniumSchedule (Counseling: scheduling)   Specialized
TMA (CFM: job work order management)   Specialized
Windstar (Human Resources: employment management)   Specialized

* Support for home computers is limited.