IBM Host On-Demand

All student records will be converted over to the Pathway system on Monday, May 28, 2007.  Access to CICS for Winter 2007 grades will continue to be available until July 1, 2007.

Host on-Demand (HoD) is used to connect to the 3270 mainframe in Columbia for access to student data via the STAR (Student Terminal to Access Student Records) system and employee data. The Host on-Demand application is web-based and available at no charge. Installation instructions and troubleshooting tips are provided below.

Host on-Demand can be accessed at the following site:

* QWS 3270 for Windows and tn3270 for Macintosh are not secure and should not be used as alternates for Host on-Demand.

Access to the STAR system* via Host-On-Demand is available:

7:00 a.m.-8:15 p.m. Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m.-6:15 p.m. Saturday
1 p.m.-8 p.m. Sunday

*The system in unavailable when the University is closed for official holidays.


If you have any questions about Host on-Demand, please contact the UMKC Call Center at 816-235-2000 or

  • Please keep in mind that your machine must download the client the first time you follow one of the links on the main page. That means that if you are on a modem, it might take several minutes to download.

  • If the font size in the Host on Demand window appears too small, make sure you have your browser window maximized (set to full screen).

  • Some browsers are not supported by Host On Demand and may or may not work. Macintosh browsers are currently not supported. A list of supported Host on-Demand browsers is listed in the Installation Instructions below.

  • The most commonly reported problem has been the "grey screen" with the browser saying the document is done. If you are trying to access the STAR at work via local area network (LAN), this may be cause for the grey screen. At the present time there is no way to fix this, and you may have to access STAR from home or the UMKC campus.

    If you are not at work this problem appears to be due to Java related inconsistencies. The following instructions detail how to resolve this:

    1. Click on the Start Menu, Settings, and then Control Panel.
    2. Once the Control Panel window opens up, double click on Add/Remove Programs. This will bring up a list of programs that are installed on your computer.
    3. You need to click on anything on that list that has the word Java in it and then click on the Change/Remove button. Continue through the Uninstall Wizard to remove the program.
    4. Once removed, click on the following link to Remove Host on-Demand.
    5. Then go to the Sun web site to download Sun's latest Java plugin for your operating system.
    6. Now you will need to reinstall the Host on-Demand client, close all browser windows and go back to open HOD.
    7. If it still does not work, shut down your PC and reboot.
    8. If you still encounter problems, install the latest version of your browser.

  • If your browser is on the supported list, and you think it has stopped working entirely, or you are using an older version of Host on-Demand, update the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in your browser. Host on-Demand requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE or JVM) that supports the 1.3 specification of Java.

  • Users who had previously used Host on-Demand may have trouble with the new Host on-Demand removing their cached client. To fix this problem, please go to the Host on-Demand Removal Page and follow the instructions.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of a Host on-Demand compatible browser installed. If not, upgrade your browser.

  • For additional HOD information and troubleshooting tips, please see UM System's Host on-Demand web site.

Installation Instructions

This guide will take you step by step through the process of downloading and installing Host on-Demand on your computer.

  1. First, check your system requirements. To download the Host on-Demand Client you will need the following:

    • Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000. Windows XP is not supported, but some have gotten it to work.
    • One of the following web browsers
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer is the recommended browser).
        Download the latest Internet Explorer browser.
      • Netscape Navigator (OS/2) 4.61 and IBM Mozilla Web Browser for OS/2 (both unsupported)
      • Other unsupported browsers that support the JRE 1.3 plug-in may work also

  2. Once you have confirmed that your web browser is compatible, you will need to download the Host On Demand client software onto your computer. You should print this web page now so you will have these instructions on hand during the installation process. Once printed, go to the Host on-Demand website and click on either "UMMVSB 24x80 - Selection for Students" or "UMMVSB 32x80" for faculty.

  3. This will begin the download of the client onto your computer. Once you click the link the following windows will pop up. Click on the "Yes" button saying that you do want to install and run IBM Host On-Demand 6.0 Cached Client.

  4. The next window asks you not to browse to any different HTML pages while the instillation is in progress. Click on "OK".

  5. Click on the "Yes" button again to continue the installation.

  6. Click "Yes" again to install the IBM screen customizer.

  7. The last window to pop up will tell you that the client has been installed successfully. Click on "OK".

  8. Finally, the IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand windows will show the files as they are installed.

  9. Once the Host on-Demand instillation is complete you will need to exit your browser by closing all your browser windows (including this one) and re-open it.

  10. Now that the client has been installed and you have restarted your browser you can go back to the Host on-Demand website again. Once there you should click on the same link that you went to before. This should trigger another window like the ones you saw before. You will need to click on "Yes" here also. This should boot up the Host on Demand Client Program. If you do not get the following black screen, go to our HOD Troubleshooting Guide.