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The following page(s) contain instructions on using Remote Desktop to connect to Faculty & Staff computers on the UMKC campus (from off-campus).

Attention: Your campus computer must be powered on and you must also have rights to access your computer remotely. You must also follow these steps (one time only) to ensure your campus computer is ready to accept Remote Desktop connections. If you need assistance, please contact your IT Liaison.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection Instructions

Anyone wanting to use Remote Desktop from off-campus (using a Windows computer) should no longer connect via VPN, but should rather configure their Remote Desktop client to use UMKC's Terminal Services Gateway.

Note: Always make sure you are using the latest version of the Remote Deskop client by running Windows Update periodically.

Here are the proper steps to connect to a campus computer using Remote Desktop:
  1. Start Remote Desktop Client , but don't connect yet. This should be under Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop.
  2. Enter the name of the remote computer to connect to. If you are unable to determine the name of your campus (office) computer, contact your IT Liaison.
  3. Click on Options>>
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. Under Connect from anywhere click on Settings
  6. Select Use these TS Gateway server settings and enter the server name:
  7. Click OK to save the TS Gateway settings
  8. Click on the General tab
  9. Click Save to save this as your default settings (once saved you can skip steps 3 through 9)
  10. Click Connect
You will then be prompted for your SSO username and password two times. The first time is for your campus (office) computer, the second time is for the gateway server. You should use the email form of the username such as at both prompts.

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