Flexible Student Arrangements

Students have the opportunity to learn remotely at UMKC. There are hardware and software considerations to plan for, to be effective while learning off campus, putting your best self forward, and giving you the space you need to succeed. Information Services has compiled a short list of resources to help faculty and staff who work remotely.

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Remote Learning

Zoom is a web-conferencing software that allows users to schedule and attend online meetings with computers or mobile devices. You can share audio, video, desktop and more with other participants. More information about Zoom can be found on our local Zoom support page.

Remote Labs and Roo Labs Online offer remote access to a variety of software commonly used by UMKC students, faculty, and staff. These two solutions allow students to access applications that are otherwise only accessible from computers that are located on campus.

File Storage

Microsoft OneDrive allows you to securely store your files in a single place that's accessible from multiple platforms and devices.

Currently enrolled students can download, install, and use Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus applications on desktop and laptop computers, free of charge. These applications are the same versions as boxed software available for purchase in stores.

Are there security issues that I should know about if I choose to work remotely?

As always, best practices regarding cybersecurity should be followed.

Now, more than ever, you should be vigilant about recognizing phishing scams. Phishing scams occur when cybercriminals send emails claiming to be from legitimate organizations with important information. Any time something receives a lot of news coverage (such as a virus outbreak), criminals will use that as an opportunity to prey on your uncertainties. While designed to appear authentic, these emails direct you to links that are actually controlled by the attacker and are intended to harvest your personal information.

Increased remote work can increase challenges to information security, please be aware of UMKC's information security policies.

How can I monitor UMKC and UM System outages and advisories from home?

UMKC IS provides several resources for receiving information on current university updates and outages.

  • The University of Missouri System uses an automated, rapid notification system to notify students, faculty and staff about campus emergencies and closings, as well as class cancellations. More information on RAVE can be found on UMKC's Rave site.
  • UMKC IT system outages and updates can be found on the UMKC IS Status page.
  • UM IT System outages and updates can be found on the UM system status page.
If you have questions, need to report an IT issue, request a new IT service, or require additional help please visit