Set up Multi-factor authentication for Office 365

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects your data by adding a layer of security, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access your online accounts. The University of Missouri values your online safety and privacy. To better protect your information and email, we are implementing MFA for all of our Office 365 accounts (which includes your University issued student email account) on December 18, 2019. To simplify the process, you have the opportunity to pre-register your account, making the transition on December 18th seamless.

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Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Office 365

  1. Click here to begin your 2-step registration.

  2. Enter your UMKC Student email address and password to sign in.
    Sign In

  3. Select an authentication method to add.

  4. Verify the authentication method you supplied by typing the code sent to you.

  5. Add any additional verification methods. We strongly recommend setting up more than one verification method.
    Add more

  6. Click Save to save your changes. You may close the window.

How do I set up the Microsoft Authenticator app for my mobile device?

While not a required form of authentication, the Microsoft Authenticator app is recommended as it is the easiest method.
  1. From the MFA registration page, check the box next to Authenticator app or Token and click the button Set up Authenticator app
    Sign In

  2. Follow the instructions to install and configure the app on your device. Choose Next on screen.
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  3. When prompted, choose Approve on the app on your device.
    Sign In

  4. You should see your account listed on the app. You can close the registration page.

What is required to receive MFA requests to log in to O365 email?

At least one of the below is required to authorize authentication requests to log into Office 365 email:
  • A phone number that can recive calls or text messages
  • A mobile device that can install the Microsoft Authenticator iOS or Android app

How can I update my MFA information in the future?

You can sign in and add, remove, or update your MFA information by clicking here

Why do I have to register for MFA at this time?

It is recommended to set up your Authentication methods now to avoid email interuption on December 18th when MFA will be required to sign in.

Which mail applications can I use to get my email?

  • Microsoft Office 2016 or later
  • Mail for macOS (3 most recent versions)
  • Mail or Outlook for iOS (2 most recent versions)
  • Gmail for Android (4 most recent versions)

How to get a supported mail app

  • The latest Microsoft Office apps are available to any currently enrolled student. More information regarding obtaining Office365 can be found on the Office 365 ProPlus page.
  • You can find more information about email applications for mobile devices on our Office365 Mobile Devices page.
  • As always, you can access your email via the web. Additional information and instructions for accessing your email are available on the UMKC Webmail page.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding Office365 and MFA can be found on the Univeristy of Missouri's O365/MFA Implementation FAQ page.