Set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft 365 and employee email

authenticator1.pngMulti-factor authentication (MFA) protects your data by adding a layer of security, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access your online accounts. In order to better protect your information and email, we are implementing MFA for all of our email accounts (this includes both university issued O365 email and employee Exchange email accounts) beginning June 2, 2020.

At least one of the below is required to authorize authentication requests to log into email:
  • A phone number that can receive calls or text messages
  • A mobile device that can install the Microsoft Authenticator iOS or Android app
Available Authentication Methods
  • Microsoft Authenticator mobile app (recommended) – an app on your mobile device that allows you to approve a sign in with the touch of a button or from a passcode available in the app.
  • Alternate phone number– a cell phone or home phone that you have access to. Codes are sent via text or call.
  • Office phone – this value is populated by information entered in myHR. Codes are sent via call.
Additional information regarding Office365 and MFA can be found on the University of Missouri's O365/MFA Implementation FAQ page.

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Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft 365 and employee email

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your UMKC and password.
    Sign In

    If this is your first time signing in, you will be prompted for more information. Click Next.

  2. You will be prompted to download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. A download link for sending the app to your device is provided if needed.

    If you choose this method you will need your computer and mobile device. You cannot set the app up using just your phone.

    NOTE: If you do not want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, choose I want to set up a different method (See directions below How do I set up phone call or text message authentication?

  3. Once you have the app installed on your mobile device, choose Next on your computer.
    Sign In

  4. Scan the QR code on your computer with the app on your mobile device. Click Next on your computer
    Sign In

  5. You wil be prompted to respond to a notification you receive on your mobile device to Approve sign in.

  6. We highly encourage you to add a second authentication method by clicking I want to set up a different method at the bottom of this window so you can add your phone as a backup method for MFA. If you don't have a second method to add, click Next to complete the registration process.
    Sign In

How can I update my MFA information or change my preferred method?

If your phone is lost or replaced, or you need to update your MFA methods for any reason, you can do so by signing into your Microsoft 365 security info page. From this page you can change your default sign-in method, delete or change existing methods, or require sign in from all active devices.

How do I set up phone call or text message authentication?

It is recommended to have at least two authentications methods set up.
  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your UMKC and password.

  2. Click Add method.
    Sign In

  3. Select Phone from the drop down and click Add.
    Sign In

  4. Enter your phone number and choose if you would like to receive a text or phone call to receive the code. Choose Next.
    Sign In

  5. A test text message or phone call will be sent to your device. Enter the code you receive. Click Next
    Sign In

  6. You will receive a message confirming success registration. Click Done.
    Sign In

I've already registered, but I'm being prompted for more information again, why?

Beginning Wednesday, August 5, 2020, you will be prompted to confirm your MFA settings the next time you login to any Microsoft service.

Moving forward, you will be prompted to confirm your security settings annually. If everything is correct you can simply acknowledge and click Done. Now’s a great time to add any additional 2nd authentication factors (such as a SMS or the Microsoft Authenticator App) to ensure you are always able to login to University resources.

Which mail applications can I use to get my email?

  • Microsoft Office 2016 or later
  • Outlook for iOS and Android (2 most recent versions)

How do I get a supported mail app on my personal device?

How often will I have to re-authenticate using MFA?

Your authentication will be valid for up to 90 days.

Things that could force you to re-authenticate:

  • If you sign in and out again in Office clients
  • Don't log in for 14 days on that device
  • Change your password
  • Swap between Office 365 accounts


  • Most employees are eligible for a O365 Pro Plus license and will need to use MFA every 30 days per device by choosing don't ask again for 30 days at the log in screen.

  • Non-eligible employees will need to authenticate on every log in. Contact the Tech Support Center for more information on your O365 license.

Retirees and Alumni will need to authenticate on every log in.

If you have any questions or problems not addressed here, please contact the UMKC IS Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000, or via email at We are open Monday through Friday, from 8am until 5pm. We are closed on University holidays.