Residence Halls (Dorms)

If you staying at the residence halls as part of a summer conference please go to our summer conferences page.

ResNet is part of UMKCnet, a high-speed local area network supported by UMKC.  This is a service provided by UMKC and Information Services to residents of the UMKC dorm.  You will have instant unlimited access to the Internet that is fast and reliable from the comfort of your room.

Minimum Requirements for Connection to ResNet

There are four requirements for connecting to ResNet:

  1. Your computer must have an existing network card or an available USB port and network adapter. USB network adapters along with the corresponding network patch cable are available for purchase from the UMKC Bookstore.
  2. You must provide a data cable to connect your PC at the dorms. A CAT 6 cable is preferred, but a CAT 5 or CAT 5e will work in either the Johnson Hall or Oak Street Residence Halls.
  3. Your computer must be running Windows 7/8.1/10 or macOS 10.9.5 or better.
  4. You must connect your computer to the power outlet via a surge suppressor.

Usage Guidelines

We ask that you read, understand and agree to the UMKC Computer Usage Guidelines and UMKCnet Connectivity and Usage Guidelines.

Please note that devices such as routers, switches, hubs, repeaters or any other devices that provide Network Address Translation (NAT) are not allowed on the UMKC campus network.

Compliance Management

Students connecting to the campus network at the Residence Halls will be required to install the SafeConnect compliance management client.  This client is designed to ensure students are running up-to-date operating systems and anti-virus software.  Please follow the links below for more information on SafeConnect.

  1. SafeConnect System Overview
  2. Installation and Usage
  3. Troubleshooting

Getting Help

If you cannot gain access to the residence hall network after reviewing the documentation above, please contact the IS Technology Support Center by phone at 816.235.2000 or email at At the Technology Support Center, technicians can assist you in troubleshooting the nature of the problem and quickly find the solution or walk you through the resolution of the problem.  If not, the Technology Support Center works closely with other IS departments to escalate the call to a second-tier support technician.  This level of support is responsible for ensuring your personal computer in use at the Residence Hall is able to securely access network resources.  In doing so, we can assist with issues involving data jack connectivity, security patch installation, virus removal, system stability and other activities that directly affect your ability to get online.  For other types of computer repair issues, you are advised to use any service and support plan that was purchased with the computer or any number of local companies specializing in these types of fix-on-fail services.

Important Note for Wireless Users

UMKC students using wireless access OUTSIDE the Residence Halls will be required to authenticate via BlueScoket prior to accessing the Internet.  Upon attempting to use an Internet browser, students will need to logon to the domain, using their official UMKC Email Account Name and Password. More specifically, students in the Residence Hall will see the following page:


You must enter your Account Name and Password and click the Log In button before Internet access will be granted.

This is being done in order to create a more secure and stable network environment for wireless users.  Additionally, this means it will be absolutely necessary for students to activate their official UMKC Email Accounts. This can be done at any of the UMKC IS computing labs ( Please note: account activation is done via the Internet.