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Site License Agreement for Maple

The University of Missouri-Kansas City has entered into a site license agreement for Maple, from Maplesoft. This software combines symbolic algebra, numeric processing, and graphic manipulation into one package.

  1. The Maple software may only be used by faculty, staff, and students of UMKC.
  2. The software is copyrighted and under the terms of the license may only be used on machines owned by and located on the UMKC campus. The following exceptions apply:
    • Employees may use the software at other locations (e.g., a university owned computer at home or a university owned laptop while traveling, but not at another College or University campus) in support of UMKC activities. "Employees" mean faculty and staff of UMKC. Students employed as teaching and research assistants may only use the software on UMKC-owned on-campus hardware.

    • Faculty who are using Maple on campus may install a copy on their home machine (regardless of whether they or the university own said computer).

    • The software may be used on hardware not owned by UMKC when required to support UMKC credit courses offered in area high schools. In this case, the software usage must be restricted to item 1 above.
  3. If problems in installation or in the use of Maple occur, the user or computer system administrator should contact the IS Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000. Please do not contact Maplesoft directly.
  4. The license requires that an accurate inventory be maintained. Users or computer system administrators must notify UMKC Information Services in writing of any changes in address, or in the type or number of machines on which Maple is installed.
  5. The license requires UMKC (the licensee), and in turn users or computer system administrators, take all reasonable steps to prevent the making of unauthorized copies and use of Maple by unauthorized users.
  6. As part of the annual renewal process for the continuing support of the Maple license, the users or computer system administrators are asked to complete all surveys sent to them. This information will help Information Services determine the on-going requirements for this product.
  7. In the event that a person's UMKC employment or enrollment ends, then all access to the Maple software must stop, the software must be removed from any related hardware, and backup copies must be destroyed.

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For further information please contact Information Services' software acquisition expert via email at or at 816.235.2220.