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UMKC Information Services User Agreement for SAS Institute Products on Microcomputers

UMKC Information Services User Agreement for
SAS Institute Products on Microcomputers

The University of Missouri has entered into a license agreement for personal computer software products from SAS Institute. This license provides lower unit cost for software and grants permission for users to use the software on University owned computers, provided that certain restrictions are adhered to. It is the policy of the University of Missouri to honor software license agreements and to encourage all users to do likewise. UMKC Information Services will not knowingly assist in, or allow its equipment to be used in, violation of such agreements.

  1. Licensed users of the SAS products must be employees of the University of Missouri. Students may use the software in a Student Computing Lab.
  2. When the licensed user is no longer an employee, Information Services must be notified of the departure of that employee so that the license may be redistributed. 
  3. Users are expressly forbidden to copy the SAS media and/or initialization key for redistribution.
  4. One copy of the software can be made available to an employee of UMKC for home use on a personal computer or laptop owned by such employee.
  5. This license requires that an accurate inventory be maintained of users who have copies of SAS products. UMKC Information Services is charged with this responsibility for users on this campus. Users must notify the UMKC Information Services Call Center of any address changes.
  6. If the site licensed software is to be part of a local area network, special restrictions do apply. In these instances, please contact the UMKC Information Services Call Center for details.
  7. SAS products are licensed by the University of Missouri for a one-year term. This runs from September 1 to August 31 of each year.
  8. If the user does not intend to use the SAS products in the next licensing year, UMKC Information Services must be notified in writing. Notification must take place before August 15 of the current year. If UMKC Information Services is not notified, we will assume the user will continue to use the same SAS products in the next licensing year.
  9. At present no license fees are assessed on SAS product users. This present policy does not preclude Information Services' making an assessment in the future (however it will not be retroactive during a current license year).
  10. If at the end of the current license year the SAS product license is discontinued by an individual licensed user, software copies must be ERASED and the UMKC Information Services Call Center INFORMED.
  11. Information Services' distribution of SAS is available through a local area network executable.  Access to the files is granted to every registered user of the SAS product.
  12. Information Services' present distribution and support of SAS products should not lead the user to believe that there is a long-term commitment to the present method of distribution. The decision to support the product is evaluated during each license year.
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For further information please contact Information Services' software acquisition expert via email at or at 816.235.2220.