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SPSS 23.0 for Windows

Data Analysis with Comprehensive Statistics Software

With SPSS software you can address your predictive analytic needs, whether they require reporting, statistics, data mining, text analysis, Web analytics, survey analysis, decision optimization, or a combination of these capabilities.  The integrated technology suite is designed to expand as your predictive needs grow.  Unlike an isolated analytics tool with limited applicability or an elementary analytics component that meets only a fraction of your objectives, SPSS technology is robust and expandable.  For more information on the capabilities of the product, go to SPSS.

Our SPSS licensing also includes rights to use Amos - a general approach to the style of data analysis known as structural modeling, analysis of covariance structures, or causal modeling.


What's new in SPSS 23?

How To Get a Copy of SPSS

Currently employed faculty and staff members:  Please contact the IS Call Center or submit a request to have this software installed for you.

Faculty or staff wishing to use SPSS off campus are encouraged to use the Remote Labs.

Students: Students can use the software within on-campus student computing labs, or through the Remote Labs.  

How To Install SPSS

The preferred method for obtaining a copy of SPSS is to contact the Call Center or your IT Liaison and request a remote installation.  When a computer name is provided, this software can be installed immediately or at a time of the user's choosing.

If a manual install is necessary, first become a registered SPSS user as outlined above.  As part of the SPSS installation procedure, the product must be authorized.  Current version installation instructions include the Authorization Code required.

The remote installation will remove previous versions of SPSS before installing the current version.  It is recommended for manual installs that older versions be removed before installing the current version, but it is not required.  Both versions can run side by side as long as the new version is installed in a separate directory. 

How to Renew Your SPSS License

Each year around June 1 the licenses for both SPSS and Amos expire.  Most networked installations of the current version will be updated automatically.  For laptops or other off-site computers, you may need to enter a new code to process the license renewal for a previously installed copy.

Version 23

NOTE:  Support for versions of SPSS prior to 23 is no longer available.

Links of Interest

If you know of any links we should include here, please contact the IS software acquisition person at the address below.

For questions concerning installation or use of SPSS, please contact the Call Center at (816) 235-2000 or

For further information please contact Information Services' software acquisition expert via email at or at 816.235.2220.