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Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a web-conferencing software that allows users to schedule and attend online meetings with computers or mobile devices. You can share audio, video, desktop and more with other participants.

Tip: Zoom has options to keep you in control of your own meeting. At the click of a button you can mute all participants, prevent other distractions, and stop uninvited participants from joining. Instructions are available on Zoom's Tip List.

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Zoom Best Practices

Many in the UM System have experienced a rapid transition to use Zoom for audio and videoconferencing for classes, meetings and general communication. Many articles have been written about “Zoombombing,” and other issues new users are experiencing with Zoom. Below is a list of Zoom best practices and tips.
  • Zoom recently released a guide to Securing Your Classroom. There, you can learn how to lock your virtual classroom, control screen sharing, enable a waiting room, lock down chat sessions, remove participants, and explore security options when scheduling a class. You can also visit Zoom’s post on preventing session crashers.
  • All UM System students, faculty and staff should immediately create an authenticated Zoom account to use Zoom if you have not already done so. Visit UMKC Instructional Design and Technology Zoom Support. Once you have authenticated your account, you should log in before joining meetings.
  • Meeting tips
  • Security tips
    • Use a password to secure meetings. Click here for detailed information.
    • Don’t use your personal meeting room for recurring meetings. Use the schedule function and generate a new ID for meetings instead of using your personal meeting ID.
    • If you want to only allow users from UMKC and the UMSystem, used authenticated domains as an additional tool for restricting access.
    • Screen share default settings in Zoom allow only meeting hosts to share their screen until they click in account settings to allow participants to share if necessary. Learn more about enabling screen share.
    • The use of waiting rooms will keep external users from automatically joining. If you keep the setting enabled, participants can’t join until the host clicks to allow. Meeting hosts can choose to turn off waiting rooms at the time of meeting set up. Read more about managing waiting rooms.
  • Security Toolbar for meeting hosts.
    • The meeting host will now have a Security option in their meeting controls, which exposes all of Zoom’s existing in-meeting security controls one place. This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room, and more. Users can also now enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was not turned on before the start of the meeting. For more information, please visit this recently published Blog.
  • Customized Backgrounds

If you have never used Zoom

Start by signing in to Most of your questions about Zoom are addressed at

If you already use

Detailed instructions for UMKC faculty, staff, and students and tips on getting the most out of your Zoom experience are available at

If you currently use

Individual Zoom subaccounts (websites) will be discontinued, and all UM system users will be moved to by May 18th, 2020. You may choose to switch your account to the system one now. You may also choose to continue using your account until the end of the Spring 2020 Semester. Existing scheduled meetings and cloud recordings will be migrated when you switch.

How to migrate your account and retain your data:
  1. Go to (You might need to use another browser, or a private window).

  2. Click Login.

  3. Enter your university credentials.

  4. Click “Switch to the New Account”.

  5. Click “I Acknowledge and Switch”.

  6. Zoom will send an email to your UMKC email address. Check your inbox, open the email and click “Switch to the new account”. This will open a new browser window.

  7. Click “I Acknowledge and Switch”.

  8. Click “Sign in Now” to your Zoom account on

Additional Support

For additional Zoom help, contact UMKC Instructional Design and Technology via email, or phone (816) 235-6700.