Office365 Email for Students


Microsoft Office365 (O365) is your official university email account with 50GB of email storage space. All official university communications are sent to your O365 student email account. Students are strongly encouraged to check their UMKC email regularly for important announcements and information. You can access your university email account from web browsers and email programs or apps, such as Microsoft Outlook. You will automatically receive an O365 email account once you have been officially admitted by the Admissions office.

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What is my O365 email address?

Your O365 email address is your UMKC Username followed by For example, if your name is Kasey Roo and your UMKC Username is kr123, your O365 email address will be

*Please note: your email address is not used to sign into O365. For signing in, please use the format <umkc username>

How do I set or reset my O365 password?

Your UMKC Username password and O365 student email passwords are the same. If you need to change you UMKC Username password, please do so from the UMKC password page. You are not able to change your UMKC Password from within the O365.

How do I log into O365 for the first time?

    Go to Enter your O365 username in the format <umkc username> and your UMKC Username Password. You will be directed to register for Multi-factor Authentication. More information on this process can be found on our MFA registration page Select your preferred Language from the dropdown. You will be asked to Select a Time Zone. UMKC's time zone is UTC -6:00 Central Time (US & Canada). Click Save. You will then be taken to your O365 inbox.

How do I set up a friendly email alias?

    Go to and login using your UMKC Username and password. Once logged in you will see a box titled Personalize Account. Click the Personalize Email button. Select one of the listed available options to set as your email alias. Click Submit.

Will I get to keep my O365 account after I graduate?

Yes, your O365 account will continue to work after you graduate. Your O365 account is the official form of communication between you and the university.

This includes:

    Official correspondence Obtaining unofficial transcripts Future announcements concerning UMKC and/or UM System

We strongly advise you to keep your O365 account active after you graduate so you can continue to receive official correspondence from UMKC. You must log on to the account every six months for it to remain active.

Do UMKC faculty or staff use O365? Do campus organizations use O365?

Faculty and staff use UMKC's Exchange email system. Email accounts for campus organizations are also on the Exchange system. However, communication between users of O365 and Exchange is seamless. The Global Address Book is shared, so users of each system can find each other, regardless of what email system is being used.

How do I configure O365 for my mobile device?

To configure your mobile device to access your O365 email account, please follow the instructions found at:

What are the size limits for email messages? What are the retention limits for email?

Please review the table below for specifics:

Message size limit The maximum total size of an email message. The total size includes the message header, the message body and any file attachments. 25 MB
File attachments limit The maximum number of file attachments allowed in an email message. Even if the total size of all the file attachments doesn't violate the message size limit, there is still a limit on how many attachments are allowed in a message. 125 attachments
Subject length limit The maximum number of text characters allowed in the subject line of an email message. 255 characters
Recipient limit The maximum number of message recipients allowed in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: fields. A public group is counted as a single recipient. 500 recipients
Message rate limit: The maximum number of e-mail messages that can be sent from a single e-mail client per minute. The client is identified by the user account. 30 messages per minute
Deleted Items folder retention period The maximum number of days that items can remain in the Deleted Items folder before they are automatically removed. 30 days
Retention period for items removed from the Deleted Items folder The maximum number of days that items removed from the Deleted Items folder are retained before they are permanently deleted. 14 days
Junk Email folder retention period The maximum number of days that items can remain in the Junk Email folder before they are automatically removed. 30 days

These instructions are provided as guidance. If you experience difficulties feel free to contact the UMKC IS Technology Support Center.