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New Students - click here to activate your Outlook Live Account

NOTE: You must log into Pathway at least once before activating your Outlook Live account.

Current Students - Outlook Live Login Instructions

  1. Go to the UMKC Webmail login page.
  2. Click on the webmail icon labeled "Students".
  3. Enter your Windows Live ID ( into the Windows Live ID field.
  4. Enter your Windows Live password into the Password field (this is not the same password as the one you use for Pathway, unless you expressly made it so)
  5. Click Sign In.
What are the benefits of Microsoft Windows Live?
Microsoft Windows Live offers a suite of online communication tools in addition to Outlook Live email, including online document sharing, calendaring, secure online storage, and more. The Outlook Live email address can continue to be used upon leaving the University.

Why is the University partnering with Microsoft?
Outlook Live gives students a 10 GB mailbox (versus the 100 MB current offering). In addition, through Windows Live services, students have 25 GB of secure online storage, integration with the University's Global Address List, calendaring, and many other services.

Do I have to use Outlook Live for UMKC email?
Your email address is your official UMKC email address. It is where important communication regarding your classes, billing, university events, etc. will be sent, as well as the means your instructors will use to contact you. It is very important that you check your UMKC Outlook Live account frequently.

What is my email address?

Your email address will be, where username is the same as your UMKC username (SSO).

What is my Windows Live ID?
Your Windows Live ID is the same as your new email address -

What will my mailbox quota be?

Students receive a much larger mailbox quota (10 GB) and can send up to 20 MB attachments.

Will my Windows Live password be the same as my current UMKC password?
No, the Windows Live system will require you to create a new password just for that system. It is highly recommended that you use a different password than your UMKC username (SSO) password. This is because your SSO password (the one used for Pathway, Blackboard, etc.) will expire every 180 days, while your Outlook Live password will not expire.

How will I reset my Windows Live password if I forget it?
Windows Live includes a tool for resetting your password. Contact the IS Technology Support Center for additional password assistance. You will need to provide your Student ID number when you call.

Can I retrieve my Windows Live ID and temporary password with Firefox?
While Outlook Live works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is possible to use Mozilla Firefox.  However, you will need to make a security exception in your browser settings.  Please follow Setting the Firefox Security Exception instructions during the opt in process for more details.

What about my Listserv?
If you subscribe to any UMKC List then your list will stop delivering emails to your new address. Please click here to get information on how to update your listserv email address.

Will my email account still work when I graduate or leave the University?
Your email account will continue to work after you graduate. Once you are no longer a student, your account will display advertisements beside your messages.

How do I get help?
Search the IT KnowledgeBase for specific articles or contact the IS Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000.

Will I be able to share my calendar with others?
You will be able to share your calendar with other Windows Live users.

Are faculty and staff allowed Outlook Live accounts?
Outlook Live accounts are for students. Faculty and staff who currently have a student email account will be contacted and asked to move to the faculty and staff Exchange servers.

What are the other University of Missouri campuses doing?
MU and UMSL are moving students to Outlook Live. Missouri S&T is currently evaluating Outlook Live. Email aliases for students who transfer campuses will be reset to reflect the current primary campus. All students will appear in the Global Address List (depending on FERPA assertion).

Do any other universities outsource student email?
Yes. Growing lists of institutions are using third-party email service providers for their students.