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Outlook Web Access (OWA) for UMKC Faculty and Staff

Using Internet Explorer, OWA functions much like a standard version of Outlook. (Other browsers can be used, but may not be as functional; review Microsoft's Web Browser Comparisons more information.) While many people use OWA when away from Outlook, as a web application OWA has a few limitations.

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Accessing Your Exchange Account Through OWA
Public vs. Private Security Settings
Outlook Web Access Light

Accessing Your Exchange Account Through OWA

To log into your Outlook account through the Web:

  1. Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer is preferred).
  2. Go to:
  3. In the User Name box type your full UMKC email address ( where "username" is your UMKC SSO username):
    OWA login

    In OWA, what is the difference between "Public or shared computer" and "Private computer"?

    OWA 2007 has improved security for the logon page, which is especially useful if you share a computer or access your email from a public computer in a lab.

    Your OWA session automatically logs you off after a certain amount of time. BE AWARE OF THE INACTIVITY TIMEOUT! When you logon, you specify what kind of computer you are using.

    Using Internet Explorer, If you select "Private Computer", your session will timeout after 8 hours. If you select "Public or shared computer" your session will be closed after 15 minutes. After your session closes, even if you leave your browser open and someone tries to use it, they won't be able to access your account.

    If you are accessing your email in your office, dorm room, home, or another private setting, it's recommended you use the Private setting.

    If you type a lengthy email reply that takes longer than 15 minutes, with no other interaction with OWA, and you've selected the Public option, your session will time out before you have a chance to send the message. Either type the reply in a Word processor and copy-and-paste it into OWA when you are ready, or select the Private option on login. If you select the Private option from a public computer, you must make sure to close the browser or log off of the computer when you are finished or others could access your mail.

  4. In the Password box type your UMKC SSO password.
  5. Click on Log On or press Enter.
  6. The first time you log into OWA 2007, you will see the following dialogue box one time: 

    Make sure to set your time zone to Central Time.

NOTE: When you are finished using Outlook Web Access, click the Log Off button on the toolbar. Logging off helps prevent someone else from using the computer to access your mailbox. This is especially important if you are using OWA at a public computer, such as in a library or at a conference.

Outlook Web Access Light

Outlook Web App (OWA) provides two distinctly different interfaces, Premium or Light, depending on the version number of the browser you use to access it.

Premium interface

A screenshot of the OWA Premium interface
Screenshot of the OWA Premium interface

The Premium interface comes closest to replicating the actual Microsoft Office Outlook experience, with some right-click functionality and access to the full feature set.

Requirements for the Premium interface

You receive the Premium interface when you are using Internet Explorer 7 and above, FireFox 3 and above, Safari 3 on a Mac, and Google Chrome 5 and above.

Light interface

OWA Light
Screenshot of the OWA Light interface

Requirements for the Light interface

You receive the Light interface when you are not using one of the browsers or browser versions listed in the premium interface section above, or you have enabled the "Blind and low vision experience" option in OWA.

Features missing in Light interface

The following features of OWA Premium are not present in Light:

  • The Tasks module
  • Task-specific properties: Only the text of the task items can be read through OWA Light.
  • Reminders
  • HTML composing of messages: OWA Light users get only plain text textboxes with no editing or formatting options.
  • Flags and Categories
  • Monthly or weekly view in Calendar: OWA Light shows the daily view only.
  • Free/Busy grid in Appointment/Meeting Scheduling Assistant: OWA Light users get only "Suggested Times".
  • Print
  • Spell Check
  • Conversation View
  • Account Quota information
  • Recover Deleted Items
  • Add/edit distribution lists
  • Public Folder access
  • S/MIME features
  • Add/edit rules