Wireless Connectivity

Windows 7

The following instructions are written to assist users with connecting to UMKCWPA or eduroam on a machine running Windows 7.

  1. Click the Ethernet/Wireless on the right side of the taskbar.




  2. The Wireless tab will open, click either UMKCWPA or eduroam.




  3. The window will prompt for your UMKC Username and Password.


    • Enter your UMKC Username.
    • Enter your UMKC Password and select OK.




  4. If the Windows Security Alert prompt appears, select Connect.




  5. When the Set Network Location prompt appears, select Public Network.




  6. A window will appear to confirm that the network location is set to Public. Select Close to continue.




  7. Click the Ethernet/Wireless button on the right side of the taskbar again, and either UMKCWPA or eduroam will show as Connected.




*Please note: For Microsoft Windows computers, you may need to visit the web site of the company that makes your wireless adapter, and get the latest wireless adapter drivers.  You must also disable any 'wireless management' programs that your adapter has, and instead let Microsoft Windows manage your wireless settings.

Please contact the IS Technology Support Center at (816) 235-2000 with any questions or concerns.