Hosting an Exchange Visitor

Apply to Host a Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-Term Scholar

The hosting faculty/department should complete our J-1 Scholar Request Form and return it via email to along with the supplemental documents listed on the form.

If the scholar is already in the US and wishes to transfer their immigration record to UMKC, ISAO will also need to receive a completed J-1 Transfer In Form.



Apply to Host a Student Intern

We are currently updating the process by which UMKC departments invite student interns to Kansas City. Email us if you have questions regarding the process or forms.

Step 1. ISAO determines eligibility 

Completed at least three months before the date the department wishes to invite a student intern to UMKC.

  1. The UMKC department email us the Prospective J-1 Student Intern forms.
  2. Our J-1 scholar advisor reviews documents and either approves eligibility or suggests other visa option.
  3. If student intern is approved, advisor prepares Form DS-7002 and sends to UMKC department.

Step 2. Department collects student intern application documents

Completed at least two months prior to student intern’s requested start date at UMKC.

  1. Department prepares invitation and offer letter for prospective student intern
  2. Prospective student intern submits documents to the host department

Step 3. We prepare official student intern invitation packet

Please allow two to four weeks.

  1. Advisor will review all submitted documentation and make copies for ISAO records
  2. Advisor will prepare DS-2019 for Student-Intern and include it in a packet along with other helpful information for student’s visa application and arrival to UMKC
  3. ISAO will notify department by email when invitation packet is ready for pick-up

Step 4. Department mails invitation packet to student intern

Completed at least one month before student intern’s expected start date at UMKC.

  1. Department is responsible for mailing completed invitation packet to the student-intern
  2. Student intern must receive the original DS-2019 to apply for their visa
  3. Student intern must also have a copy of their DS-7002 for their visa application