Exchange Visitor Responsibilities and Forms

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Responsibilities for All Exchange Visitors


  • Maintain health insurance, including any J-2 dependents, for entire duration of program 
  • Primary purpose must be full-time, temporary research, observation, lecture/teach, consult or to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and other types of educational or professional activities
  • Demonstrate and maintain sufficient funds (PDF) for period of program
  • Demonstrate adequate English proficiency (PDF)
  • Update Pathway with changes to your name, visa, address and contact information within 10 days of any change
  • Let us know if you have been in the United States within the past 24 months

Grace period

After the end of your program, you will have a 30-day grace period. During this period you are not allowed to work or enroll in courses. You may travel within the United States, but once you leave the United States during your grace period, your visa will end and you will not be able to re-enter on it.

Health insurance

Your health insurance must cover your entire duration of stay stated on your DS-2019. You may purchase health insurance once you arrive. That means you must have coverage from your start date to your end date — it cannot be off by even one day.

Health insurance must meet these requirements.

  • $100,000 medical benefits per accident/illness
  • $25,000 repatriation of remains
  • $50,000 medical evacuation
  • $500 maximum deductible per accident/illness

You must bring with you one of these documents.

  • Proof of insurance and policy from U.S.-based insurance company
  • Proof of insurance and policy in English and 24-hour phone number based in the United States

Already have health insurance?

Submit confirmation (PDF)

Financial documents

Applicants must show proof of funds sufficient to support themselves and any dependents (PDF) during their stay in the United States.

Financial documents should be dated within the last year and should be liquid funds (checking or savings account) or in the form of scholarship letters.

J-2 dependents

All J-1 visa holders are allowed to bring their spouse and children to the United States as long as the J-1 visa holder can show proof of funds to support them during their stay. Any married children or children 21 years or older will not be able to come over on a J-2 visa. Other family members such as parents or siblings will also NOT be able to come over on J-2 visa, but may want to look into a B-2 tourist visa.

If you would like to bring your spouse or children on J-2 visas, please provide these documents.

  • Copy of passport photo page of each requested dependent
  • Copy of marriage certificate if requesting a J-2 for your spouse
  • Copy of birth certificate for each J-2 child
  • Proof of funds showing ability to support them ($5,670 for spouse, $5,670 for each child)


UMKC J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Categories

  • Minimum academic credentials: Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent
  • Program activities: Research, teaching and lecturing
  • Ineligible for tenure-track positions
  • Length of stay: At least three weeks but no more than five years

If previously in the United States in this J-category, please contact us to see if you are eligible to return. If you are subject to the 212e, 12- and 24-month bar, you may not be eligible.

  • Minimum academic credentials: Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent
  • Program activities: Lecturing, observing, consulting, training or demonstrating special skills
  • Length of stay: Maximum of six months with no option to extend
  • Cannot change status to another category while in the United States

  • Minimum academic credentials: Enrolled in a degree program outside the United States
  • Program activities: Internship must fulfill an educational objective at home institution
  • Must plan to return to home institution to complete degree
  • Only available once per degree
  • Length of stay: Minimum of three weeks but no longer than 12 months, with no option to extend
  • Cannot change status to another category while in the United States

Student Intern Application Process

(We are currently updating the process by which UMKC departments invite student interns to Kansas City. Email us if you have questions regarding the process or forms.)

Step 1. ISAO determines eligibility — Completed at least three months before the date the department wishes to invite a student intern to UMKC.

  1. The UMKC department emails us the Prospective J-1 Student Intern forms.
  2. Our J-1 scholar advisor reviews documents and either approves eligibility or suggests other visa option.
  3. If student intern is approved, advisor prepares Form DS-7002 and sends to UMKC department.

Step 2. Department collects student intern application documents — Completed at least two months prior to student intern’s requested start date at UMKC.

  1. Department prepares invitation and offer letter for prospective student intern
  2. Prospective student intern submits documents to the host department

Step 3. We prepare official student intern invitation packet — Please allow two to four weeks.

  1. Advisor will review all submitted documentation and make copies for ISAO records
  2. Advisor will prepare DS-2019 for student intern and include it in a packet along with other helpful information for student’s visa application and arrival to UMKC
  3. ISAO will notify department by email when invitation packet is ready for pick-up

Step 4. Department mails invitation packet to student intern — Completed at least one month before student intern’s expected start date at UMKC.

  1. Department is responsible for mailing completed invitation packet to the student intern
  2. Student intern must receive the original DS-2019 to apply for their visa
  3. Student intern must also have a copy of their DS-7002 for their visa application