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    Submitting a Message to ISAO's Email Broadcast Service

The International Student Affairs Office (ISAO) of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) offers the opportunity to broadcast acceptable messages by email to selected groups of international students.
    Conditions for using this Email Broadcast Service include:
  • The subject of the message is informational and/or cultural and is not commercial;
  • The message is judged to be a service to UMKC's international students;
  • The organization represented is a U.S. entity or has a recognized and acceptable U.S. presence;
  • The message is aimed at a group of students that can be identified, e.g. by their country of citizenship;
      (Rarely will a broadcast message be acceptable if it aims to reach (almost) all international students at UMKC.)
  • The message is provided in plain and acceptable English;
      Messages in languages other than English can unfortunately not be accepted.
      Messages cannot contain graphical elements, however, the message will be sent under UMKC's official logo.
  • A date is provided when the email message should preferably be broadcasted.
      The preferred broadcast date should be 5 or more days in the future.
      A message can not be requested to be broadcast within 2 days of the request.
  • The message is limited to 4000 keystrokes (about one full, type-written page with 500 words),
      and should include text that clearly identifies the sender.
  • In addition, the opportunity is offered to attach to the broadcast email a single file.
      Such an attachment could be, for instance, an information flyer, uploaded as a pdf file.

  • The sender who requests the Email Broadcast Service must provide:
    • A name and, if applicable, the organization on whose behalf the message is sent;
    • A valid email address that will be used to identify the sender of the message;
        Using this email address to identify the sender, any REPLY to the email message and any RESPONSE to the message information will automatically be directed to this email address, and not to ISAO.
    • A phone number that can be used to validate that the sender and the represented organization are in fact who they say they are;
    • A full mailing address that can be used to validate the sender and/or to send mail feedback to the broadcast message that is received by ISAO;
        Any email feedback received by ISAO will be forwarded to the contact email address provided.
    • If an attachment should accompany the email message, the file must be uploaded as part of the request, following Log-in.

  • Log-in requires the creation of a User Name and a Password, both at least 6 keystrokes.
    • Within 5 days of submission (provided that the message has not yet been sent) this User Name and Password allows withdrawal of a request.
    • Beyond this time, the combination of User Name and Password allows future requests to be processed without full re-validation.

  • The sender will be informed by automatic email of the decision reached.
The decision to accept or reject a message for broadcasting is at the sole discretion of the Director of ISAO, Sandra Gault.
This decision cannot be appealed.
Enter User Name: At least 6 keystrokes; case insensitive;
use of email address as username is allowed.
Enter Password: At least 6 keystrokes; case sensitive;
preferably include letters and digits.
Click: to start. Please, preparation takes time!

If you do not request any service, click to return to the ISAO website.
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