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Checking-In at ISAO for newly arrived International Students, Admitted to UMKC.

    This service is for International Students who have just arrived in Kansas City to start their study at UMKC.
    You can use this service
  • if you applied for study at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,
  • if you have been admitted for study at UMKC,
  • if you received an official admission letter from ISAO, and
  • if you travelled to Kansas City with official visa documents, issued by ISAO (or a sponsoring organization) and USCIS.

    Most likely, you have just arrived at UMKC and must report as soon as possible at the ISAO office for Check-In.
      Possibly, your travel to UMKC will begin shortly and you want to make sure to reserve a seat for a Check-In Session.
      IF your date of travel is not certain yet, please use this service when your travel arrangements are certain and in the near future.
        NOTE you cannot make a reservation for a Check-In Session that is more than 30 days before the start of your degree program because you cannot enter the USA more than 30 days prior to the program start date specified by your I-20 or DS-2019 immigration documents.

  • You must present your official documents, in person, to the ISAO Welcome Center.
      ISAO is located in the center of the main campus at the Student Success Center, G-04, 5000 Holmes Street.
      A map of the Volker (main) campus is available on-line at

      These documents include:
    1. passport with visa and U.S. entry stamp
    2. printed electronic I-94 card.
        Please visit to print out your I-94 card and bring it with you to your scheduled Check In session.
    3. I-20 Form for F-1 visa or DS-2019 Form for J-1 visa
    4. immunization records (optional)
        ISAO will make copies of these documents and return the originals to you.
        Do not leave the ISAO office without any of these documents.
    5. final transcripts and certificates of completion.
        ISAO requires OFFICIAL transcripts and certificates of completion to be handed in. We cannot make photocopies of these documents.
        Only under exceptional circumstances can ISAO make or accept copies that can be certified as OFFICIAL.
        Once released to ISAO, these transcripts become the property of the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

  • You must participate in an official Check-In information session.
    You must complete a Check-In session before you will be able to register for classes.

  • You may also have to complete an ALI Placement Test to have a hold removed so that you will be able to register for classes.
This service allows you to schedule appointments for a Check-In session and, if required, for an ALI Placement Test session.
Currently, no ALI PLacement Test sessions have been scheduled or all scheduled sessions have been filled.

  • Please visit the ALI office at 5301 Rockhill Road;
  • Inquire about available Placement Test sessions, including the possibility to schedule a session.
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    Schedule a Check-In appointment for one of the current Check-In Sessions at the Student Success Center, 5000 Holmes Street:

    Date Time Seats available
    Thursday Feb 11, 2016 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM 22
    Friday Feb 12, 2016 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM 22
    The Log-In below allows you to start both services.
    Detailed information and options will be presented to you as part of this service.
    For instance, the service will tell you whether the ALI Language Placement Test is required for you.

      Before you start the Log-In process, it is advised to have your Admission Letter available:
    1. The 'log-in ID' for the first input field is your student ID number.
        The student ID number, shown in your admission letter, has 8 digits like '16846475'.
    2. As 'Password' you should enter your Last Name (or Family Name) exactly as it is shown in your admission letter.
        If you have a complex, multi-word name, you may have to test which word(s) is/are the valid password.
        Even if your admission letter may have spelled your name incorrectly, use the name exactly as shown in the admission letter.
          If indeed your name is spelled incorrectly, which means in any way different than shown in your passport, please inform ISAO of that fact when you hand over your passport for copying.
          ISAO will update your official record and provide you with updated documents.
Enter log-in ID: Student ID: 8 numbers
Enter Password: case sensitive
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