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Defer Admission service for International Students, Admitted to UMKC.

    This service can only be used by International Students
  • who have applied for study at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,
  • who have been admitted for study at UMKC, and
  • who have received in the mail an official admission letter from ISAO.
      If you know that you have been admitted but have not yet received an official admission letter from ISAO with immigration documents, you cannot use this service to defer your admission to a later semester.
      Your options are:
      • Wait until your receive the admission letter and then use the service below.
      • Send an email to ISAO at and request a deferral by email.

    The Admission Letter, part of the admission package of information sent, specifies
  • that admission has been granted for a particular academic program or course of study, and
  • that you must arrive at UMKC no later than the reporting date shown on your I-20 or DS-2019 visa document,
    so that you can start your study for your first enrollment term in a timely manner.
      The term or semester of first enrollment can be:
    • Fall with a reporting date typically early in August,
    • Spring with a reporting date typically early in January, or
    • Summer with a reporting date typically in May.

  • The admission package of information will also provide you with the necessary documentation,
      typically an I-20 Form to obtain a student F-1 visa
      or sometimes a DS-2019 Form to obtain a exchange visitor J-1 visa,
    that will allow you to obtain the necessary non-immigrant student visa stamp in your passport
    that will allow you to enter the USA and start your study at UMKC.
  • Obtaining the necessary travel documents, such as a passport and then the required visa stamp,
    can at times be such a lengthy process that it will be impossible to complete in such a timely manner
    that you can start your travel to Kansas City and arrive no later than the Reporting Date specified on your I-20 or DS-2019 form.

  • In such a situation, the only reasonable option may be to REQUEST a DEFERRAL of your admission to a later semester.
      When a deferral request has been approved and processed, you will receive new documentation from ISAO,
      and new immigration documents to obtain your visa that specify a new Reporting Date.
    A deferral is only possible for 1 or 2 semesters. Thus:
    • If admitted for Fall, you can only select a deferral until the next Spring or Summer semester.
    • If admitted for Spring, you can only select a deferral until the next Summer or Fall semester.
    • If admitted for Summer, you can only select a deferral until the next Fall or Spring semester.
        NOTE that deferral may be limited further if the program of study to which you have been admitted can only be started in some but not all semesters. For instance, many graduate programs cannot be started in Summer.
        Some graduate programs will only accept new students once per year, typically in Fall.
        If you select a deferral to a semester that is not allowed for the program that you have been admitted into, your ISAO processor will let you know by return email.
    • You can not defer for more than 2 semesters.
        Thus, if you need to defer from a Fall admission to admission next Fall (for instance because starting your program is limited to once-per-year) you will have to submit a new application for admission.
        Return to the ISAO website to start this re-application process as soon as possible.

  • The Log-In below allows you to start the process to request a deferral efficiently.
      Before you start this process, you must have available your Admission Letter:
    1. The 'User ID' for the first input field is your student ID number.
        The student ID number, shown in your admission letter, has 8 digits like '16846475'.
    2. As 'Password' you should enter your Last Name (or Family Name) exactly as it is shown in your admission letter.
        If you have a complex, multi-word name, you may have to test which word(s) is/are the valid password.
        Even if your admission letter may have spelled your name incorrectly, use the name exactly as shown in the admission letter.
          If indeed your name is spelled incorrectly, which means in any way different than shown in your passport, please inform ISAO as soon as possible.     Provide, if possible, a copy of the passport page that shows your name.
          ISAO will update your admission record and provide you with updated admission and immigration documents.
Enter User ID: Student ID: 8 numbers
Enter Password: case sensitive
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