In December 2008, the Kansas City Area Archivists celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

Since 1978, KCAA has continuously met and prospered due to the dedication and hard work of its members. New ideas of benefit to the entire archival and historical community find nourishment in the camaraderie of KCAA.

Browse the photo gallery and enjoy a trip through KCAA history.

...And for a little more history, read THE DUSTIEST SHELF: An Informal but Occasionally Accurate History of KCAA [the first ten years] by Bob Knecht for the June 1988 Dusty Shelf.

Recently the Steering Committee commissioned a review of KCAA's organizational records to gather data for a history to celebrate KCAA's twenty-fifth year. Patsy Moss, a doctorial student in History at UMKC undertook the analysis which resulted in a comprehensive history that outlines the activities, leaders, successes of KCAA though the years. (Inventory of the Kansas City Area Archivists Rrecords at WHMC-KC.)

Happy Anniversary KCAA! Here’s to the next 25!

Special thanks to contributors Mary Hawkins, Niel Johnson, and all who helped track down event photos.

We are still adding to our KCAA online photo gallery! Do you have photos of KCAA events in your personal collections that would make good additions? Contact Judy Sweets or send digital images to jmsweets@sunflower.net.

Please provide descriptive information about identification of subjects, location, event, and year, if possible.


KCAA Outreach Fair, April 12, 1986. (l to r) Paul Eisloeffel, Alan Perry, Ann McFerrin, Jim Devine.


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